Get the Look! Colourpop Three Palette Tutorial

Nothing like making a gorgeous, bright and vibrant eye look just to make yourself happy. Check out this Colourpop mashup.

Sometimes you just wake up and you want to do a super fun makeup look to walk around your house all day.

I love Colourpop! It is one of my favorite makeup brands and I especially love their eyeshadow pallettes. The formula for their mattes, shimmers, super shocks, jelly much, creams and glitters. I just love the formula and for the price, you simply can’t beat it. I own palettes that were $5 and I own palettes that are $75. Almost everyday, I reach for a Colourpop palette.

Colourpop has a number of nine pan palettes (eyeshadow palettes with 9 shades) that bring the color. From brilliant greens to gorgeous blues, yellows, reds, pinks and purples, there is a palette for every color in the rainbow.

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For this look, we are using three Colourpop palettes.

Uh Huh Honey, a yellow hued palette with everything from rich golden tones to muted marigold shades and vibrant, bright sunny yellows.

Lilac You A Lot which is a stunning purple palette. This palette includes dainty, light yellows, deep jewel toned purples and gorgeous mauves.

In a Trance is a newer palette that includes a variety of pastel pink, purple and blues with a touch of glittery white.

I decided to use three palettes instead of one as I usually do because I was going for a specific look and I wanted a combination of blue, pink, purple with a yellow highlight. A similar look can be achieved without the depth of purple and without the yellow using just the In a Trance palette.

In addition to the three palettes, I also used the Trippin on Skies Glitter Gel from Colourpop on the eyes.

On my face the only product that I used from Colourpop was the Super Shock Highlighter in the shade Manifest That.

Let’s get started.

We are going to start with a fluffy blender brush and go in with the shade Buzzkill from Uh Huh Honey as our transition shade. Blend this shade into the crease and I took this shade out to the outer corner, buffing it into the top 2/3 of the lid. Next, with the same brush, and from the same palette take the shade sunburst and take that up onto towards the brow bone and on top of the shade buzzkill.

The purpose of a transition shade is to build depth. You want to build a depth of color so that the eyes pop and are defined. Going straight in with the colors that will be your topper shades or shades most prominent on the eyes will not give you a depth of color. In order to have a depth of color and create strong dimension, build up multiple colors and develop the colors as you go.

From the In a Trance palette, I take a smaller blending brush such as the Blending eye brush from E.l.f. Cosmetics and we are going to use the shade UpLevel. We are going to use this shade to build up the outer corner of the eye in the outer v.

I like to go in with my first darker shade in this area to start to build a depth of color on the outer part of the eye. If I am doing a series of colors I will usually go darker on the outer third of the eye and lighter on the inside. This help to brighten the eyes.

With the same brush, dip into the Lilac You A Lot palette and the shade Filtered. Go in over the top of the previous shade to deepen it and build up a depth of color. Start with less product and add if needed. It is so much easier to build up a color than to remove a color.

With this shade, take the exess after you have built up your outer v and bring it onto the lid.

Back to the In a Trance palette, Own Your Power is a matte lilac shade and with a brush similar to the E.l.f Eyeshadow Brush we are going to buff that into the middle and inner third of the lid. You don’t need a lot of this color, just a light dip and tap off the excess.

Next up, we are getting into Uh Huh Honey again and we are going to take a clean small blending brush with the shade Dandy and gently buff it just above the crease. You want to be really careful with this shade to not get it into the lid except to blend any hard lines so as not to muddy the lid colors.

With the same brush go in with Sunburst aand ever so lightly we are going to buff that up to the brow bone. As you can see in the photos, this is crazy subtle. Barely there but I really think it adds to the sunnyness and bright vibe of this look.

With my finger, I went into Crown Chakra, a shimmer bubblegum pink shade and I am going to pat that onto the inner third of the lid. With a brush gently blend it into the middle blue shade to blend the gradient.

With the Lilac You a Lot palette and your trusty clean finger go in with the gorgeous shimmer shade Fluff on the outer third of the lid. I did not drag this up my entire outer v I like to have a gradient into a darker shade especially if I am using a shimmer on this space.

Take a brush and gently blend it into the darker matte purple and the blue to blend the gradient.

If you don’t want to or don’t have a glitter gel, no worries, this look is gorgeous without it. But, I just wanted a little extra glitter in my life on this day. To be real, I usually want some extra glitter.

With a brush like the Morphe M443 Pointed Liner Brush and tap the glitter into place.

With a brush like the Morphe M213 Smudger Brush take the Lilac You a Lot shade Filtered again and buff it under the eye tight against the waterline. With the same brush take the shade Trainwreck, which is from the same palette and is a very light shimmer purple and dot that in the inner corner.

I finished this look with my Tarteist black liquid eyeliner and My Two Faced Better Than Sex Mascara.

There you have it. I love how this look turned out. Perfect for a pick me up.

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If you want to try Colourpop and are inspired by this look or these palettes be sure to check out their website. Follow the link HERE for 15% off your entire purchase at

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