Training For Dopey Challenge 2021: Update

Where I am at in my Training for Dopey Challenge 2021.

I am beyond excited to be taking on Dopey Challenge 2021. 48.6 miles, 4 days and I am proud and honored to be running as a member of the Multiple Sclerosis Association of America (MSAA) to honor my Mother-In-Law who is surviving and fighting M.S.

My goal is to raise $3,225 dollars for MSAA and I would appreciate your financial support. Please visit my fundraising page to read more about MSAA, why I’m running for M.S. and to donate. Every dollar counts and makes a difference. You can make a difference for those suffering with M.S.

Prior to actually being registered, I had already started training.

I am currently in the midst of a 36 week training for Dopey Challenge. This is not my first marathon but it is my first time participating in the Dopey Challenge. For those who are unfamiliar with the Dopey Challenge, it is a RunDisney event includes running each of the races over the course of Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend in January.

The races begin on Thursday and conclude on Sunday. Thursday is a 5k, Friday is a 10k, Saturday is a half marathon and Sunday is the full marathon.

Along with my running, I do piriformis yoga 3 or so times a week and stretch following each run. You can read more about my running journey with chronic pain and injuries by clicking on my previous Training For Dopey Challenge 2021 HERE!

I have hung up a dry erase year long calendar in my office and have put all of my long weekend runs on it (so far) along with the entire months of May and June planned out and written down.

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I have really been ramping up my miles over the last 6 weeks. With my chronic pain and injuries that I am prone to and do my best to manage, it’s important that my mileage is increased gradually and that I keep up with my mobility, stretching and maintenance. In addition to the stretches and yoga practices that I been doing since I began training I have also been incorporating fascial stretch therapy.

If you are not familiar with fascial stretching. Fascia is a fibrous connective tissue that enrobes and supports the muscles, bones, tendons, ligaments, organs and nerves of the body. Fascial stretching, combined with cupping and deep tissue massage is what I am currently getting. It’s life changing. I’ve been getting fascial stretches for years now and whenever I take a break, my body gets angry. Now that I am back to getting stretched, I leave feeling like a whole new person. 

I am adapting my training program from the Dopey Challenge Training program that can be found HERE! I have added on a few additional weeks to the program and have changed the mile segments for many of the weeks. My longest run will be 24 miles, not 20 miles. The training plan I am modifying is a 28 week plan but I have added almost 10 weeks to the plan.

I increased the training time in order to give my body a longer stretch to prepare for increased mileage. I remain at the same mileage for my long runs for several weeks in a row at many points. For example, currently, I am at 14 miles for my long runs on Sundays and I will be remaining at 14 miles for 4 weeks before increasing. 

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Beginning in July, I started running back to back longer runs. My Saturday runs are right around half of what my longest run of the week is in order to begin acclimating my body to 4 days of running, two long runs back to back.

I am a Crossfitter and although I am not currently training in my Crossfit gym I am cross-training with Crossfit workouts as well as incorporporating Orange Theory workouts into my training 5 days a week. 

I am really excited to be in the midst of training for my final marathon and I’m even more excited that it will in Walt Disney World and that I will be conquering Dopey Challenge.

If you are looking for a great running app AND a way to give back, I have the answer for you. For over two years now, I have been training with the Charity Miles app and I love it. I use it for every single run I go on. For every mile you log in the Charity Miles app, you earn $.25 for the charity of your choice.

So far, I have logged 1,532.42 miles and that means that I have donated 383 to the ASPCA. Running and giving back, can’t beat that! Start giving back today.

Right now, in week 17, I am feeling great. My long runs are feeling good and I notice that I actually find them easier than the shorter runs. I am looking forward to changing up my scenery as I get higher up in miles. My parents live in a more rural area than I do and I plan on heading there for some of my longer runs to get a change of scenery and have less houses to stare at.

I am a huge creature of habit. I run the same routes for the same mileage every single time. I need to get out of my comfort zone and switch it up. That can also help pass the time quicker and not make everything feel so monotonous. 

The one thing I find hard is taking an actual full rest day. I don’t like rest days. Rest days for me for most of my life as an athlete has meant doing one workout instead of two. Forcing myself to take a full rest day is not my cup of tea and doesn’t make me feel good in my own skin but that is another story for another day. I have been incorporating a rest day at least every other week and that seems to be working well for now.

The best drive for me is the feeling I get after pushing my body and sticking to my training plan. I plan on incorporating more core, back and leg exercises to help strengthen those areas until I am able to get back to the Crossfit gym and do more of those workouts easily.

This is an exciting journey and I am thrilled to be at this point in my training. My training plan is possibly more in depth than others due to my chronic pain but it’s something that I have to maintain and work hard to dedicate time to in order to be successful in this journey.

Please don’t forget to take a moment to visit my fundraising page for Dopey Challenge 2021. My goal is over $3,000 but I can’t get there without your help. Click HERE to read the story of why we chose MS and to donate today. Thank you in advance for your generosity and support.

Thank you for stopping by and for the love of the mouse, never forget, that it all started with a mouse.

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