Rebooking a Disney Cruise

Breaking down the cancelation and rebooking process of a Disney Cruise.

Your Disney cruise is canceled. First of all, we are so sorry. But, it is canceled and there is nothing we can do to change that so…now what?

We are in this boat, well quite literally, we are NOT in this boat together. We just had our second rebooked cruise canceled and we have all the anwers for how to rebook and what this cancelation means for you.

If you think that your cruise is going to be canceled or if it has recently been canceled and you have questions about that process we’ve got you covered.

Rebooking Options

When your cruise is canceled with Disney Cruise Line you have two options.

  • 125% cancelation credit
  • 100% refund

Cancelation Credit

Should you choose to take the 125% cancelation credit you must rebook a Disney Cruise by May 2022. This was changed for the latest round of cancelations. For the first wave of cancelations you had to rebook a cruise that sailed within 15 months of the date of your canceled sailing.

The 125% does NOT include taxes, port fees and transportation but is 125% of your standard fare. What does that mean? When you look at the full price of your reservation, subtract transportation, port fees and taxes and THAT number is your standard fare. That is the number that you will get your 125% of.

You will now possibly have an additional onboard credit with that 125%. So, all of that will get transfered to your new sailing.

With our newly rebooked cruise we had additional money leftover because of the 25% extra credit. With that we paid insurance, taxes and fess and whatever was remaining is now going ot be an onobard credit for that sailing.

If you decide to upgrade your room you can do that and that credit or 125% can go towards that as well.

In order to get the 125% credit, you must be 100% paid in full for that trip. If you had three separate cruises booked for the timeframe that was canceled you would not get three 125% credits unless you were paid in full for all three sailings.

Booking With a Placeholder

So, what if you booked your cruise using a placeholder from a previous cruise?

If you booked with a placeholder, CALL. Call Disney Cruise Line. We cannot stress that enough. Do not rebook that online if you used a placeholder. Yes, it means you are going to be on hold but you have to book it as a brand new cruise and there is an option on the website to click and you can pay with your onboard credit. But, if you used a placeholder CALL and wait on hold so you can use your placeholder on this new sailing.

Once you have gone through the ropes with the castmember who will help answer any questions about the cancelation and rebooking you will then be sent to another team member. That person will put your placeholder discount or any onbard credits toward your new cruise that you are booking.


If you choose the refund you will be refunded in the same manner that you paid for your cruise. That means that if you paid using Disney gift cards, your cruise refund will come via Disney gift card. If you paid via credit card, the price of the cruise will be refunded to that card.

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That’s the process. Disney has really thought of most scenarios and are some of the most helpful, kind people you can talk to. Please remember to be patient when dealing with this situation and other situations that require you to call Disney. They are doing the best they can and there are a lot of mean people calling and berating them for things they have no control over. Be kind.

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