New Pylons Installed at Epcot Entrance

Overnight Disney Installed New Gorgeous Pylons at the Entrance to the Park.

Overnight, Disney installed the new pylons at the Epcot entrance complete with the new Epcot logo etched into them. The pylons are large and clean looking and accent the icon of the park, Spaceship Earth perfectly.


Disney began removing the monoliths from the Epcot entrance in 2019 and it is exciting to see this park of the Epcot overhaul moving forward.


As we reported earlier, a number of projects have been put on hold or canceled entirely due to the extended closure of all Disney theme parks due to coronavirus.


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I’m excited to share a first look at the pylons we installed last night as we continue to reimagine the EPCOT main entrance fountain, which has anchored this area since the park opened in 1982. Our design team took special interest in looking back to the original geometry for inspiration and infusing new features with a little bit of added magic to bridge the past, present and future of EPCOT . These majestic pylons also draw your eye upward toward the sky and perfectly frame views of the iconic Spaceship Earth attraction. I can’t wait to reveal the completed look for this fountain later this year!

Disney Imagineer Zach Riddley

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