Do Guests Feel Safe in Walt Disney World?

With So Many Opinions Regarding The Reopening of Walt Disney World Running Rampant, We Asked Park Goers Their Thoughts on Returning to The Magic.

We follow thousands of people in the “Disney community” across a variety of platforms. Partly because we love Disney and partly because we like to get different perspectives regarding the parks, the company and the Intellectual Property.

There has been a lot of people shaming Disney park goers online and we decided to get the thoughts and opinions of those going to the parks. As opposed to the judgement of those avoiding the parks and shaming those who aren’t.

Here is what we wanted to know. Is it safe to go to Disney property? Do guests feel safe? Is Disney enforcing the rules?

We recently published a blog post called The Truth About Disney and Coronavirus. You can read all about the misinformation running rampant across the internet regarding Florida, Disney and the correlation to coronavirus.

Let’s jump in.


We asked a number of Disney fans who had gone to the parks since reopening a series of questions. The goal was to get an honest look at what the parks are like and if Disney has created a magical environment where people feel safe.

Florida is a coronvirus “hot spot”. They have some of the highest percentages of positive coronavirus cases in the United States as of late. You can read all about the percentages and how many people are being tested in Florida in comparison to other parts of the country in The Truth About Disney and Coronavirus. Suffice to say, yes the numbers are high but is that Disney’s fault and is Disney doing everything they can (while being open) to minimize coronavirus in their parks and on their property?

We asked Disney fans who had visited the parks since the reopening If they felt safe inside Disney parks. Here’s what they had to say.

“I felt safer there then I do at any store with the amount of cleaning I saw. For now, the amount of people in the parks is so few that is insanely safe. We also saw markers outside the ride queues to allow for social distancing when more people are in the parks or in line for a single ride.”

“We feel so much safer at Disney, even in the parks then we do at grocery stores, restaurants or out and about. Disney is managing every aspect of their property and with the crowds so low and seeing the sanitation everywhere all the time, I feel safer there than anywhere else.”

“In everyday life there are people who won’t wear masks and aren’t wearing masks. You don’t know when the last time a store sanitized something. At Disney, everyone has their mask on, people keep their distance and you see workers sanitizing everything all the time. I would move to the parks until this passes if I could.”


Do You Think Disney Has Made All The Transportation Options As Safe As Possible?

“Yes. Disney has thought of everything and if they didn’t think of it right away, they have modified it since reopening.”

“I do. Between partitions, limiting capacity on the Monorail cars, busses and Skyliner, they have definitely worked hard to make it safe and make sure everyone stays away from each other.”

“Transportation was one of the things I was most worried about. With crowds this low it seems to work out well. If there are a larger number of people wanting to use the same type of transportation we just need to remember our patience. Disney is doing what they need to do and keeping people as safe as possible.”

Would You Or Do You Feel Safe Staying at a Walt Disney World Resort Right Now?

“Short answer, YES! I feel safer at a “Disney-owned” property more than I would at my local grocery store. Park, resorts, and Springs, the cast members are really motivated to the new normal and that’s important for the success of it’s implication.”

“Disney is probably safer than anywhere else in Florida right now. If the NBA can live and work in the bubble with zero people testing positive, Disney knows what they are doing.”

“Do I think people should be traveling here to vacation? No. We have enough problems trying to get this thing under control with Floridians. But, Disney is the place to be if you are a local and you want to be somewhere where this is being taken seriously.”

“Yes I feel safe with what Disney is doing across their entire property. It’s other people who might not be taking this seriously but Disney is doing a great job of enforcing their rules which is great.”

“We have only been to MK and to get there we have used the monorail and boat. For the monorail they will only sit two parties on each side for the boat they have markers in the ground you can only have 4 guest per marker once you load the boat you have to find a marker to stand on there are not that many so the boat may take longer. They also are only letting people with strollers, wheelchairs. and if you can’t walk up steps on the first floor.”

What Are Your Thoughts of Dining in Disney Right Now?

“For quick service restaurants you have to order on my Disney experience app you pick a time when you want to go in and say you are there and it will tell you when you can go in. The cast member at the door will let you come in and tell you where to pick it up it also tells you on the phone. The seating is spaced out with markers on the table telling you where you can and can’t sit. They have so many cast members waiting for you to get up to clean.”

Do you Feel Like Disney is Enforcing The New Guidelines?

“Yes they are absolutely enforcing it they have cast members walking are in yellow shirts. They will even say something if you have it under your nose. They are also going through ride pictures if you don’t have it on you won’t get your picture. They do have the relaxation zones where you can take it off. The ones we have been to there has not been a time limit and I saw them cleaning once you got up. People are paying attention when you are on the rides and are social distancing with the markers which is awesome because you don’t have people standing on top of you in the ride queue. On the rides they are spacing out guest like pirates they are only loading in the front or back. We have seen them stop the ride to clean they spray down the vehicles let them run through with no guest. They have hand sanitizers before you get on the ride and after you get off. They also have the hand washing stations.”

“I think they’re doing an excellent job enforcing the masks and physical distance rules. I feel the parks more so than Springs, but overall a great job’s being done. I think the reason Springs is lacking, (I say “lacking” but it’s not that bad) is because there’s no extra charge to go to Springs so it’s a much more diverse crowd. The new “Incredi-Crew” is a great addition for the enforcement of those rules. I think a lot has to be said about the “Disney guest” though too. The guests are making these “new park normals” easy for Disney to enforce, as everyone is more than willing to comply.”


There you have it. Straight from the mouths of those who are experiencing the parks. We received responses from a number of Disney fans and the response was positive from every person who responded to the questions.

Check out our post about planning safe travel adventures during this time for tips on planning safe travels. You can read that HERE!

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