Disney to Release Live Action Mulan on Disney+ For a Price

Disney announced on Their Quarterly Earnings Call That the Live Action Mulan Film Will be Released on Disney+.

Disney’s live-action adaptation of Mulan has had a rough go of it. The film was supposed to be released in theatres on March 27 but was delayed due to coronavirus. The film as pushed to July 24 but was delayed yet again.

The company is taking matters into their own hands, or streaming service as it is. The film will release on Disney+ on September 4 for an additional price. It will be available for $29.99, Disney announced during their quarterly earnings call.


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“We thought it was important to find alternative ways to bring [Mulan] in a timely manner,” Chapek added. For countries where Disney+ is not yet available the film will hit theaters on the same day. In countries where Disney Plus is not available, Disney is releasing Mulan in theaters on the same date.

Just a couple weeks ago, Disney delayed Mulan indefinitely, pulling the film from its theatrical calendar. Much of Disney’s release calendar has been impacted due to the virus. There are two films coming up that Disney hopes to have in theaters in the coming months. Two of Disney’s other upcoming films, The New Mutants and Black Widow have release dates of August 28th and November 6th respectively but as of now, there is nothing set in stone according to the company.


Stay tuned for more information as it becomes available.

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