Splash Mountain Drained at Walt Disney World

Parts of Splash Mountain Drained Closed for Several Hours

Splash Mountain Reopened With Magic Kingdom on July 11. The attraction has suffered from technical issues over the past couple of weeks. This morning, guests noticed that the water area following the large drop zone had been drained.

Photo Courtesy of Caitlyn at The Castle

The attraction was closed for several hours but has since reopened. At noon EST had a 60 minute wait according to the My Disney Experience App.

Photo Courtesy of Caitlyn at The Castle

Splash Mountain Refurbishment

Disney announced earlier this month that the classic attraction would be re-themed on both coasts to a Princess and the Frog experience.

What was not announced was a timeline for the refurbishment. The project appears to be quite extensive. The company is currently prioritizing projects following the extended closure of all parks worldwide costing the company an estimated $20 to $30 million per day.


We expect Disney to continue routine maintainance on the attraction for some time, keeping it open for as long as possible before an extended closure for the re-imagining. Splash Mountain is an incredibly popular attraction at Magic Kingdom. Typically the attraction goes down for yearly maintainance following the holiday season.

Due to mounting pressure to eliminate the racial undertones of the original attraction, Disney likely moved up the announcement for the change. We expect they will push off actual construction for some time as they work to recoup their copious losses.


Splash Mountain was originally thought up in 1983 by Disney Imagineer Tony Baxter. His goal was to create an attraction that would draw guests to Bear Country in Disneyland.

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