Safe Travels! How to Plan a Safe Vacation During Coronavirus

We love to travel And We Have Compiled Some Ways and Tips For Safe Travels During Coronavirus

Stay Close to Home

We mentioned in a previous vlog that we canceled our anniversary trip and made the decision to stay closer to home. There were a few reasons for this.

Two of the places that we were most likely to go are two of the coronavirus “hot spots” right now. We don’t feel like we need to be adding to the problems that these two states have by traveling there. In addition, we certainly don’t need to bring it back to our state.

A second reason is that we live in a beautiful state and we should explore it more. We love exploring our home state or neighboring states.

During this time, it’s great to be able to support your local economy. Small businesses are struggling right now for obvious reasons. Being able to help them out by traveling closer to home can really boost their business.


Bring your own gear. If you are traveling closer to home, you can and may be asked to bring some of your own stuff when staying at a vacation rental property. For our anniversary we stayed at a rental cabin in the mountains and were asked to bring several items from own. Some of which included bringing our own bedding, plates, cups and cutlery.

At first I was surprised but the more I thought about it, it’s a great idea. You know where those items are coming from. You know that you cleaned them and that they are in fact clean. You know (probably) who used them last.

There was issue bringing those items. In fact, we went above and beyond that and took a number of other items as well just to be safe and sure.

We will have a detailed post talking about all of the items that we took on this trip. What we were asked to bring and what we took above and beyond that ask. Stay tuned for that so that you can get ideas on what to take on a trip like this.

Hit The Road

According to the U.S. Travel Association 68 percent of travelers “continue to feel safest when traveling by personal vehicle. If you choose to travel by car, choose travel companions you know have been careful and safe in terms of social distancing.

Be sure to carefully plan your route and your itinerary so that you are aware of guidelines and possible restrictions on your travels. Keep hand sanitizer, sanitary wipes and extra masks on hand in your car and hotel rooms or vacation rental.

Most hotels and resorts are operating at less than 100% capacity. Book ahead of time to ensure you have a place to stay and are able to stay where you want.

Restaurants and stores are also operating at less capacity. Research guidelines and restrictions along your route so you aren’t caught off guard.


If you choose to fly this summer or fall be sure to follow the rules we have laid out for other forms of travel. Most airlines require masks when flying. For the safety of yourself, those around you as well as those you will come into contact with following your flight, wear a mask your entire flight in the appropriate way. No chinstraps folks.

Keep a travel sized hand sanitizer close by. Check travel restrictions for your travel destination and make sure that where you are headed does not require quarantine for travelers. In addition, check your local travel restrictions to make sure you don’t have to quarantine upon your return.

Be sure that your airline does not require additional measures or restrictions for travel during this time. Stay up to date and follow all required procedures and policies so your flights doesn’t take off without you.

If you are in a higher risk category, avoid flying and choose a different form of travel or destination or both.

Stay Up To Date

There are a number of places requiring quarantines when you arrive either from specific destinations or from any destination. When planning on leaving your state or if you live in a state with varying guidelines, there are several steps steps you should take prior to traveling.

Check to see if your destination has any travel restrictions in place or if quarantine if required either where you are going or in your home state upon your return. Several states or popular destinations within states are requiring travelers to quarantine for two weeks upon arrival. Other states are requiring a two week quarantine upon your return home.

For more information on this and to see which states or areas are requiring what, check out this article from Fortune.

Review the number of cases, hospitalizations, deaths and tests adminstered daily for a period of at least two to three weeks prior to taking your trip.

Why are you going to this destination and who are you planning on seeing? We all want to go home and see family but are the people you are planning on seeing high risk? Has anyone been reckless during this time? We all have a responsibility to do our part and protect those who are most at risk and to stop the spread by not socializing in large groups or around people who are not taking precautions.

We encourage you to travel this summer and fall and to be safe and cautious when doing so. Safe travels!

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