Updated Boarding Group Information for Rise of The Resistance

Walt Disney World Has Reopened. Learn How Boarding Groups Have Changed For The Most Popular Ride in Florida.

With the reopening of Walt Disney World a lot has changed for guests heading onto property. Guests required to follow strict health and safety protocols and procedures. Capacity has been extremely limited for parks and resorts.

Before the parks closed, Rise of the Resistance, the second attraction in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge was the hottest ticket in Florida. Now that the parks have reopened theme park reservations for Hollywood Studios go quick. So, what has changed in terms of getting on that coveted spot to escape the grasp of Kylo Ren on Rise of the Resistance?

It’s no shock that some things have changed. Crowds can no longer gather to be first into the parks to get that boarding group right at park opening. The virtual queue was thought to go to the wayside until we are able to get back to a sense of normalcy and the return of crowds but no. The vitual queue is still in place.

Rise of the Resistance is still using the Virtual Queue system. Guests entering the park must have a valid theme park reservation called a Disney Theme Park Pass. Guests wanting to ride the Rise of the Resistance attraction will need to log into My Disney Experience, Disney’s app. You have to be in the park to ride. After logging in, guests will need to select all members of their party. Each member must already be inside the park to do this. Select the “Join” button. Boarding Passes in the Virtual Queue are released at the following times: 10:00, 1:00, and 4:00.

Boarding groups still go quickly so if you are interested in getting a pass, we recommend continuously checking the app in case additional times are released for boarding groups. You must be already inside the park to join a group. We cannot stress that enough.

At the above times be ready to get on the app as soon as the clock strikes the selected time because they go quickly.

Boarding groups are still shown on the My Disney Experience app and in addition can be found on electronic boards throughout the park.

We absolutely love the boarding group system. If you are on top of your stuff and can maneuver the app you should have no problem.

This is still a new attraction and Disney is working on the kinks. It is highly advanced technology and the attraction is prone to breaking down. Be patient.

If you have issues with the boarding pass system or have questions or even would like to double check the process, find a castmember at one of the Guest Experience Team tents and have them help you. They will patiently walk you though the process and answer any questions you may have.

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