Packing Up And Getting Out

Change of Anniversary Plans

For the first time since we got married, we will not be spending out anniversary in Walt Disney World. We typically hold off on booking our anniversary trip until a couple of months prior. Due to the current situation we are unfortunately unable to visit Disney. We are changing it up.

We are instead going to get out and explore our beautiful Colorado backyard.

Bryson and I are both Colorado natives but for our vacation time we typically leave the state. Well, that all changes this year. We are going to take advantage of the beauty of our state and we are going to take you with us.

For our anniversary this year, we have rented a small pet friendly cabin about an hour northwest of our home. We will share more details when we return. Hopefully this will encourage you to think outside the box this summer and take advantage of the opportunities in your own backyard.

Google is your best friend when looking to explore your state or area. Colorado is wealthy with opportunity and what’s even better is that this summer it is mostly locals meaning where you are wanting to go could be less crowded.

There were several options on the table when we were considering where we wanted to travel. We picked the area we are going to based on several factors:


Dog Friendly


Going to the mountains, I have no desire to take a trip like that without our dogs. There’s just no reason, in my not so humble opinion, to take a fun trip to the great outdoors without your furry kids. Why spend money to board them in a tiny kennel when you could adventure with them? A few keys to success when traveling with dogs:

Dog Tie Out Cable Stake

Dog Beds

Lots of Snacks


I could make an entire blog series about this but we’ll leave it at that.

Cost is of course something to take into consideration. We didn’t want to break the bank and we really wanted to go a little rustic. We didn’t need all the bells and whistles. One of the things I wanted was no tv and no wifi. We ended up with both to my chagrin. Regardless, I plan on getting lost in books and not paying one iota of attention to the television this entire trip.

This particular cabin is on a series of private fishing lakes so we plan on doing a lot of fishing. The dogs are able to get in the water so that will be great for them. We will be able to go on walks and runs and play fetch and the dogs can wrestle. Our cabin is right off the water of one of the lakes so that will be perfect for us and for the dogs.

With coronavirus, many vacation rentals have included some new rules and requirements. We are going to cover those today. It is important to note that not all rentals are implementing these or any different rules but you should check prior to travel.

Bring Your Own Bedding

Bring Your Own Towels

Bring Your Own Pots, Pans, Spices

Bring Your Own Cleaning Supplies

These are the rules that have been implemented at several of the vacation rentals that we have looked into including the one we are staying at. New rules like this reduce the potential spread of germs and viruses. Reducing the high-touch surfaces that come in close contact with your face, mouth and other areas.

Another thing we are doing is taking our Home Chef order for the week to the cabin. I really liked the recipes that we were receiving that week. We can have gourmet, delicious meals that are prepped and ready to go. This takes care of three of our dinners while at the cabin and significantly reduces the meals I need to plan.

We are excited to get out and explore and enjoy a little Colorado summer. I’m ready to not sit in front of a television and a screen. I firmly believe that one of the most detrimental things to relationships and to life are screens. It will be a great reset to walk away from social media and work and television and get back to what really matters in life.

Packing Up And Getting Out. We Are Changing It Up For Our Anniversary This Year And Exploring Our Own Beautiful Backyard.

We are excited to explore our backyard. Stay tuned for more information on our trip. Hopefully this adventure inspires you to walk away from the screens and rediscover things that really matter. Imagine what can be found in your backyard.

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