Must Pack Items For a Post Coronavirus World

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So, you’ve decided to go to Disney post Coronavirus? That’s great. We are super excited for you. By now, you have read What You Need to Know When Staying at a Walt Disney World Resort of course because you want to be uber prepared for your stay.

You have also, of course, read our Changes to Disney Dinine Experiences blog post to get yourself ready to dine on property and get filled in about everything you need to know for that.

We leave a full list of links at the bottom of this post that will guide you to every post that will help you in planning a Disney trip this summer or fall so that you are well versed on all of the changes coming to Disney in this post coronavirus world.

Today, let’s talk packing. Packing is an art form to me. I love the process of packing, I love the organization and the thought and the planning that goes into packing. For me, it’s almost an extension of the vacation because I enjoy it so much.

So, I have compiled a list of items that you want to be sure to add to your packing list for your Walt Disney World or Disneyland trip this summer and most of these items are things you will probably want to add to your packing list regardless of where your travels take you.

Let’s get started.

Hand Sanitizer


Regardless if you are planning a trip to Walt Disney World, Disneyland, heading home to see family or just getting away for the weekend, you are going to need hand sanitizer. Even before COVID-19 we always packed plenty of hand sanitzer and kept it with us at all times. I always keep a travel hand sanitzer attached to my backpack for easy access, I keep a travel sized Grove Collaborative hand sanitizer in my backpack and another one in our hotel room.

I love the Grove Collaborative Hand Sanitzer. It smells like blood orange and is actually moisturizing. Using a ton of hand sanitizer every day over and over again can and will dry out your hands but this is the best hand sanitizing product I have ever used and I always keep a large one in our house and the small travel sized ones for when we travel.

Due to the pandemic, the travel sized version has been sold out for quite some time but the large size is still in stock. You can snag the large one and then head over to Amazon and get these empty travel sized refillable bottles that are perfect for your travel hand sanitizer. I also found these colorful ones if you want to get a little festive.


If you are new to Grove, you can pick up a FREE 5-piece set by clicking HERE! and getting started with Grove today.

If you have a large bottle of hand sanitizer but are looking for ways to make it more convenient and easily accessible for travel check out these empty bottles and carriers for travel sized sanitizer.

Hand Soap


So, this is something that in all my years of traveling frequently for work and also traveling for leisure people laugh when they first hear that I do this but there is a method to my madness and this is one of my top travel tips.

Take a bottle of $1.00 soap on every trip. One of the main reasons I do this is because I despise bar soap. I am no scientist but I just cannot see how using a bar of soap over and over between multiple people (if you have multiple people staying in your room) is going to get you clean and get the germs off.

I have to take a small bottle of liquid soap that I can lock and unlock on every trip so that I can be sure to get my hands as clean as possible.

Face Masks


We have had such an interesting time ordering face masks during this pandemic. At first, we thought, this will only be for a few weeks so we were just wearing bandanas but now it seems that the masks are here for an extended stay so why not make it cute.

I found some great Disney inspired masks over on Etsy. Be sure to take several and not just one single mask. If you get caught in the rain or are traveling for multiple days you want to make sure you have enough masks to cover the trip.

Also be sure that wherever you are traveling to you are aware of their mask policies and what type of face covering they are currently requiring.

(Disney World Specific)Magic Band


If you are traveling to Walt Disney World you will definitely want to make sure that you have a Magic Band. If you are staying on Disney Property you will automatically receive one and this will be your room key, will get you access to the parks (be sure you have a park reservation as Disney is temporarily requiring all guests wishing to enter parks to have a reservation and having an annual pass or a resort reservation will not automatically guarantee you access into the park. Check out more on this HERE!)

Magic Bands help to decrease contact with things and also with people. You can connect your credit card to your magic band and basically it can be your key to a successful Disney vacation. Be sure you are regularly sanitizing your band.



Hydration is key and we always keep our own water with us. Now, more than ever, in an effort to decrease contact with others we will be carrying our own water. We use these Sports bottles that keep our water very cold. They are reasonably priced from Amazon and fit perfectly into both my large backpack and my smaller backpack.

Disinfecting Wipes


These certainly are a hot comodity right now but an absolute must have for travel especially airplane travel. Keep your disinfectant wipes close by throughout the day so that you can be sure to keep the spaces around you clean as much as possible. It might seem a bit extensive but a few quick swipes with a wipe could go a long way.

Gift cards or Credit/Debit Cards for Cashless Transactions


Resorts, stores and organizations in general are moving toward a paperless transaction system which helps to reduce the number of hands and fingers that come in contact during a transaction. Be sure to have your gift cards, credit cards or debit cards handy for your adventure. Also be sure to keep those disinfectant wipes and/or sanitizer handy for after transactions.

(Walt Disney World Specific) My Disney Experience App


Disney is changing a lot of things in terms of resorts, dining and theme parks and in order for you to maximize your vacation to the most magical place on earth, you are going to need to download the My Disney Experience App before you go.

This will help you keep track of changing policies and procedures and have access to all the info you need to navigate your trip.

Portable Phone Charger


You are going to need your phone for a lot of things and there may be increased delays during your travel. We always have one of these with us for every trip. Don’t get stranded with a low battery, carry an on-the-go charger on your next adventure.

Mickey Ears

No matter when you are visiting Walt Disney World or Disneyland you gotta get your ears on. We recently opened an Etsy shop selling unique Disney ears for the unique Disney fan. Check out our amazing designs so you can be prepared for your next trip to Disney… tell Mickey we said “Hey”.




Yep. If you are traveling this summer, fall and perhaps even beyond, make sure you pack your patience. These are uncharted waters we are all navigating and that includes the place you are traveling to and any companies you may encounter on your journey.

Be patient and be kind so we can all get through this together and get on with traveling.

Those are our top travel tips for a post coronavirus world. We cannot live in fear and adventure is out there for the taking. Whether you are looking to visit Disney or just get away for a change of scenery these top tips for packing have you covered.

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Thank you for stopping by and for the love of the mouse, never forget that it all started with a mouse.

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