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Summer is here and finally we are able to start going out in public again. That means, it’s time to decide if you want to put makeup on to go out into the world or not.


I’m going to show you a super simple everyday summer glow look that only takes a few minutes and gives you that perfect sun-kissed glow everyday without a lot of hassle and without a ton of makeup.

I have not been buying very many new products during this quarantine  because there really was no reason to bring out the big guns or spend the big bucks to walk around my house in full glam so this has really given me the opportunity to pull out some old favorites and really fall in love with my makeup collection again.

I’m using all products that I know and love to create this easy summer glow and I hope this inspires you to either pick up these products for summer or dig into your collection to create some fun looks with what you already have.

Here’s what I used:

Let’s get started:


I’m going to start with my Becca Backlight Primer and I always apply my primer with my fingers not a sponge. Using your fingers allows you to evenly spread the product around your face and helps work the product into the skin better than a sponge or brush.

I’m going to go in with my contour brush and my Lovecraft Beauty palette. I take the powder along my cheek bones and up along my forehead. I also take a skinnier contour brush along the outside of my nose to thin it out and along my jaw line.


Make sure that you take the time to properly blend out your contour. I take my highlight down the bridge of my nose, under my eyes and on my chin and then I take the time blend out my concealer and my contour. You don’t want to leave any harsh lines on your contour especially since for this look, we are not going in with a foundation.


If you are going in with a foundation, you can much easier blend out your contour because you have another product on top to work with but I’m not using a foundation because I don’t like the feel of a heavy foundation or product in the summer so take the time to blend out your contour and make sure it is accentuating your features not standing out on its own.


Next we are going to go in with our Becca Ignite Liquified Light Highlighter OR your L’oreal True Match Lumi GLotion. I use a damp sponge with this product or my fingers. For this we are using it all over the face to give a great summer glow to the skin. I love both of these products and I go back and forth with them because they are both amazing and just give the skin a dewy natural look that I think is so perfect for summer.

Because the two products aren’t full or even medium coverage, it is important to blend your contour before applying these and then the highlighter/lumi glotion will help to buff it out more.

I’m still going in with a little bit of highlighter. OFRA makes some of my absolute favorite highlighters and this palette is well loved. If you are a fan of blinding highlights, definitely check out OFRA. Since I spray tan year round, I love a blinding highlight year round as I strive to live in eternal summer but especially for summer a bright highlight can help to brighten the eyes and enhance the cheeks.

Last we have blush. I love MAC blushes, always have. The Mineralize Blush from MAC offers a variety a shades for every skintone and every season. We are finishing off this look with a little bit of Petal Power and voila we have completed our perfect summer glow look.


In the summer, less is more. It’s too hot to pack on the product and quite frankly, why bother? Summer is about that glow not a mattified mess that drips everywhere in the heat. Simple is better especially in the summer.

Give this look or even just a few products we mentioned here a try and let us know what you think.

Stay tuned for our eye look where we get minty with the Mint to Be Colourpop eyeshadow monochormatic palette.


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Thank you for stopping by and for the love of the mouse, never forget, that it all started with a mouse.


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