Disney Presents Proposed date to Reopen Walt Disney World Theme Parks

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The Florida Governor’s office announced on Friday, May 15 that theme parks and resorts could begin submitting their reopening plans. Universal has already submitted their plan and it has been approved by the Governor’s office to reopen on June 5.


Disney Springs reopened with third-party businesses on May 20 and May 27 marked the day Disney owned businesses opened their doors.

This morning, May 27, Disney presented their reopening plans to the Florida Economic Task Force. Here is what we learned regarding opening dates for the parks.


Jim MacPhee, the Senior Vice President of Operations represented The Walt Disney Company as part of the May 27 meeting.

Disney proposed a reopening date of phased reopening of Theme Parks beginning with Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom on July 11.

Epcot and Hollywood studios will open on Wednesday, July 15.


A series of soft opening tactics will be deployed prior to openning to ensure thoughtful execution of strategy to maintain safety precautions.

Significant limits on attendance and enhancements to safety protocols will be in place. A new theme park reservation system will require guests to acquire a reservation to enter the parks in advance.

The Orlando Economic Recovery Task Force approved the plan for Disney to reopen their parks on July 11 and July 15 respectively. Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom will open first on July 11 and Hollywood Studios and Epcot will reopen on July 15. 

For details on new health and safety precautions and how the parks will be changed click HERE!

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