Disney in no Hurry to Open With Universal Orlando

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Universal announced on Thursday, May 22 that with the approval of the Governor’s Office, they would like to reopen their theme parks on June 5. (Update! Since the time of publication, Universal received approval to open on that date.)


Last week, Governor DeSantis announced that Florida theme parks could submit their reopening plans to his office including their timeline for reopening. Universal released that their target opening date is June 5 but Disney has thus far declined to comment on a timeline for reopening their theme parks.

Disney Springs was the first Disney owned property in the United States to reopen and they did so on Wednesday, May 20 with a host of new restrictions and precautions in place. You can read more about those HERE!


But, Disney fans shouldn’t get too excited that Disney will follow immediate suit to keep up with Universal. Disney is likely to be more cautionary to to closely monitor Universal and how the reopening goes for them. A guinea pig situation if you will.

Disney has canceled all reservations through mid-June and is not accepting any new resort reservations until July 1 but has not confirmed that will be the actual opening date for the parks.


Expect big changes when the plans are released. Most likely Disney will follow closely with the new rules and regulations that have been put in place for Shanghai Disneyland, the first Disney park to reopen following the coronavirus outbreak.

Although many have speculated that Disney is more likely to reopen to local guests and Florida Annual Passholders first, with the increased costs associated with the higher health and safety precautions, it is unlikely that Disney will open exclusively to locals at least for long as they make far more money off of their overnight guests staying at the resorts and deals encouraging out-of-town over local guests will likely begin as soon as a reopening date is announced to draw those non-local guests.

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Stay tuned for more information as it becomes available.

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