The Rise of Skywalker to Hit Disney+ Two Months Early

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9As this pandemic continues to drag on, Disney and other companies are looking for ways to not only entertain guests but retain members to other services besides theme parks.

Disney has announced that its latest Star Wars film, The Rise of Skywalker on Disney+ less than five months after it hit theaters. The film will be available for Disney+ members beginning May 4.

Ironic as all Star Wars fans know that May 4 is Also referred to as Star Wars Day. In addition, Disney+ has an eight-part docuseries in the works that will give fans a behind-the-scenes look into the breakout hit The Mandalorian. The show, titled Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian will also debut on Disney+ on May the 4th, with a new episode debuting every Friday following.


As theaters remain closed for the forseeable future across the entire country and nearly the entire world, Hollywood is taking a monumental hit and Disney, the king of the cinematic universe is no exemption.


Luckily for Disney, they are not in the same financial situation as many other film companies or theme parks as they have the most diversified assets of their competition but as the company continues to lose millions of dollars a day for every day the parks, theaters and more remain closed, it remains to be seen what the company will look like when this pandemic finally passes.

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