Preliminary Guidelines For Walt Disney World Reopening

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UPDATE! This post was published prior to Governor DeSantis’ press conference outlining Phase 1 of Florida re-opening which did not include directives for theme park and hotel reopenings and strongly discouraged any gatherings over 10 but allowed for restaurants and retail to operate with strong sanitary and health precatutions and at a maximum of 25% capacity. 

On April 28, The Orange County Economic Recovery Task Force met to discuss guidelines and phases for reopening central Florida businesses and that includes the largest business in Florida, Walt Disney World Resort.


Here is what we were able to gather from the meeting in regards to theme parks and hotels that would pertain to Walt Disney World in order to open and the various “phases” of reopening that could be implemented.

Please be advised that Disney has not yet released a statement on these guidelines or mandates and at this time have offered no statement regarding a reopening timeline.

Guidelines Pertaining to Theme Parks:

    • Staff frequently wipe down surfaces
    • Markers indicating 6 feet apart that guests should stand in ride/attraction queues
    • Phase 1 and 2:
      • Staff and guests who are 65+ are encouraged to stay home

Directives Pertaining to Theme Parks:

    • Phase 1 and 2:
      • Staff and guests who are 65+ are encouraged to stay home
      • All employees required to wear facemasks
      • Temperature checks for staff prior to shift (temp above 100.4 must not enter premises)
      • Touchless hand sanitizer at every ticketing entry and turnstiles
      • Touchless hand sanitizer at every ride/attraction entry and exit
      • Temperature checks for staff prior to shift (temp above 100.4 must not enter premises)
      • Wipe down of all railing and surfaces frequently
      • Phase 1: 50% maximum capacity
      • Phase 2: 75% maximum capacity

Guidelines Pertaining to Hotels

    • Phase 1:
      • Housekeeping services to be limited and allow for minimal guest and employee exposure
      • Provide self-parking
      • Allow remote work for employees when able
      • Promote mobile check-in
      • Housekeeping services only clean upon request, or when guests depart
      • Only deliver room service to guests’ doors
      • Promote social distancing for all guests and staff
      • Recommended touchless sanitizer at entry
      • Increase cleaning services/additional sanitation services through cleaning companies
    • Phase 1 & 2:
      • Staff and guests who are 65+ are encourage to stay home

Directives Pertaining to Hotels:

    • Phase 1:
      • All employees required to wear facemasks
      • Hand sanitizer at entry to be in plain visible sight
      • Temperature checks for staff prior to shift (temp above 100.4 must not enter premises)
      • All employees with flu-like symptoms advised to stay home
      • Front desk to sanitize themselves on a regular basis
      • Consistent cleaning of all guest areas
      • Front desk to utilize sneeze-guards
      • Remove all service items in guest rooms to include glassware, coffee cups etc.
      • Remove all coffee makers from guest rooms
      • Remove all guest collateral items, except for those that are single use
      • Mini bars not stocked
      • Do no offer self food services
      • Space pool furniture according to distancing guidelines
      • Pool gates and pool chairs to be sanitized regularly
      • Door handles, elevator button and railing to be sanitized regularly
      • Sanitize guest keys before and after each use
      • Sanitize bell carts after each use
    • Phase 1 & 2:No conferences

In an interview with CNBC earlier this week, Southwest CEO Gary Kelly discussed the 6% capacity airlines are faced with currently and stated that, “If people are going to travel again, they need to have something to be able to do when they get there. So Disney World needs to open back up. Restaurants need to open back up.”


Although the country is itching to reopen out of both boredom and economic necessity, it is important that drastic steps be taken to ensure the health and wellness of workers and guests for every industry so that the reopening of our country doesn’t turn out to be the downfall of it. Reopening too early could result in a larger number of deaths and a second wave of overwhelming capacity in hospitals across the nation according to the infectious disease experts.


Task forces such as the The Orange County Economic Recovery Task Force and other similar groups meeting across the country are taking the economic need into consideration but also looking at this with the reality of what could happen should the reopen cause a spike in illness and even death.


Disney and other theme parks and businesses in the Orlando area have yet to make an official statement regarding these guildelines though executives from these industries as well as other businesses and groups in the area were included in the task force.


Disney has also not commented on when guests can expect the parks and resorts to reopen even though reservations are currently available in June for Walt Disney World that is not an official opening timeline and it is important for fans to remember that this is an ever-changing situation dependent on factors that are very much out of the control of this task force and Disney.

No statements have been released at this time and these guidelines and mandates have not been officially adopted at this time, this blog post is simply to provide information that was discussed during the meeting relating to Disney Parks and Resorts.

Thank you for stopping by and for the love of the mouse, never forget, that it all started with a mouse.


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  1. I was planning my first ever Disneyworld trip for Xmas this year, and am gutted it’s not likely to happen now 🙁 Considering general safety, coming all the way from London and the inflation of prices everywhere it seems like a better idea to postpone.. I will live vicariously through your content!

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