Get The Look: Anastasia Beverly Hills Amrezy Palette

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One of the things that I have learned in this time of self isolation is that even though new palettes and makeup products are released all the time, I have a lot of amazing palettes in my collection already and I can make magical looks out of them and I don’t need to buy new palettes all the time.


The Anastasia Beverly Hills Amrezy Palette isn’t old by any means. It was released in either late 2019 or early 2020 but with new palettes and products being released what seems like every day, it isn’t getting a lot of attention anymore.

I love this palette. Anastasia Beverly Hills has one of my favorite eyeshadow formulas. I love her mattes and shimmers. They are creamy, buttery, easily buildable, they blend well and the fallout is minimal for the most part.


Some of the shades that are a little chunkier, like the teal glitter shade has a tad more fallout but a great way to minimize that is with eyeshadow undereye patches that catch the fallout while you are applying the shades and then peel off easily once complete.

This palette includes some amazing mattes, gorgeous shimmers, a couple of durchromes and a couple glitters. I love the color story in this palette. It’s definitely not for everyone. If you don’t like Barbie shades or bright, vibrant stories this isn’t the palette for you.


Another note on this palette is that some of the shimmers/glitters on the top row are incredibly soft. When you are using, Barb, Litty, Cupcake, Leo and Gorgina tred lightly. A little goes a long way and these shades have the most fallout because they are the softest but if you go into this palette and creating your look knowing that, it’s easy to go light handed on this and create a magical eye look.

I’m so excited to share this look with you so let’s jump right in.

I always start by priming my eyes and I did so for this look with my Urban Decay Eyeshadow Priming Potion. I also set the priming potion with a little bit of pressed powder.


I’m going to start with my transition color for this look and we are going to use the shade OG. I went in with a fluffy brush with OG on my crease and ulling it slightly above the crease as well.


Next, I took a little bit of Wasted, which is the shimmery shell color in the top left corner of the palette and I’m going to blend that just below my brow with the OG shade we used as a transition just to give the brow a little sheen.

Next we are going to take Semsa and we are going to go in with a clean blending brush into the crease. I kept this shade a little tighter to the crease than I did with OG but you want to go lightly at first and then build it up. This shade was pigmented so you don’t to go all in at first and end up with more shadow than you want.

This created a gorgeous depth to my crease and even though these are both matte shades, it was really creating an amazing gold/raspberry shade with a ton of depth.

Next, we are going to create some more depth in the outer V with the shade Yugo which is the deepest brown/purple shade in the bottom right corner. I am taking this on a flat brush and am going to start with a small amount and buff that into the outer V and the outer third of the lid.


Take the time to really blend this shade out and create that deptch in the outer V and on the outer third of the lid and create an even color. A lot of times with darker shades, it is easy to clump the shade or not blend it out enough and create a choppy or thick look.

Next, we are going to take a mix of 1988 and Yugo on a flat brush and buff that into the middle of the lid and blend it into the outer V.  Take a little of that shade Semsa that we put onto the crease and blend that gently into the outer V to continue to build up that color.


This seems like it might be a bid redundant but this is something that really helps to create a dimensional eye look and create a depth of color you can’t get by just using one shade.

Next, we are going to take a clean blending brush with cupcake. This shade is one of the shades I pointed out earlier in the post is a bit trickier and does have more fallout.So, I went in with this shade dry but if you really want to create more of a satin or foil finish you can also spritz this to apply it wet.

Take cupcake on the other two thirds of the lid and draw it into the inner corner.


I took a little bit of my concealer and a small detail brush and cut out the center of the eye so that I can go in with that aqua and not muddy it.

With a clean flat brush I am going to go in with this gorgeous aqua color Leo. I die for this color. I love how it goes with the pinks and the purple’s of this palette and while a number of people have made the comment that it’s juvenile and not versatile. I completely disagree.


This is a palette that can go from day to night. From a simple everyday look with essentially every color on the bottom row creating endless look ideas to popping a shimmer in there for a little extra something and a full blown glam look by mixing it up. I love everything about this palette.

With Leo, you are going to want to pat it, not brush it, pat it on top of the concealed area careful not to bleed into the pink. Next I took the brush I used cupcake with and ever so gently blended the two so there wasn’t a sharp contrast as we went from pink to teal. You want it to have a nice gradient but not bleed and muddy the colors.

Lastly we are going to toggle between Rezy and Cupcake to deepen the outer third of the eye. You can see how much deeper my outer V and outer third of the lid is than the inner third.








I lined my eyes and added mascara and then went in with a small detail or contour brush with OG and buff that into the lower lashline. I then take the same brush with a tiny bit of Semsa and do the same followed by Cupcake on the inner third of the lower lash lash line.

Make sure you are connecting the shades from the lower lash to what we have in the outer V so that the look is cohesive.

I spritzed my face with the Glow Recipe Watermelon Ultra Fine Mist which I am obsessed with to finish off the look and just make my face smell like a juicy, summery watermelon and voila! If you haven’t tried Glow Recipe, I highly recommend their products. They have great fruity scents and their watermelon line is my personal favorite. I start each morning by spritzing my face with the Ultra Fine Mist because it smells amazing and it just puts me in a good mood. Get’s the day started off right. Click the link above for $15 off your order at Glow Recipe website.


That’s it! That’s the look. I can’t say enough about this look. I loved it and even though I only wore it around my house because we are knee deep in self-isolation, I just had nothing bad to say about how this look turned out.


Sometimes you just need to go glam and handle stuff. This palette is a gem and I hope you have some fun with it and see what amazing looks you can create with it.

Thank you for stopping by and for the love of the mouse, never forget, that it all started with a mouse.










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