We Will Never Do These Things Again When We Visit Walt Disney World

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Rent a Car

23We hear people talk all the time about how they save so much money by staying off property and renting a car. Maybe. Each group is different but for us, especially if we are staying on property, it is a complete waste of money to rent a car. With all of the transportation options available to guests who stay on property, renting a car is just silly. Every resort has bus transportation and the option to use Minnie Vans or a ride share service. Depending on where you stay, guests also have Monorail, Boats, or Disney Skyliner.

That is definitely something we will never do again when going to Disney even if we stay off property.

Go to The Parks Without a Water Bottle

28We know, we know, we talk about this all the time but there is nothing worse than being dehydrated and walking around Disney all day, dehydration is going to happen. Water is expensive in Disney folks and plastic water bottles are wasteful. Get yourself a refillable bottle like THIS ONE on Amazon.

We love this bottle, we take it with us every day. It fits in my big park bag and in my smaller loungefly bag. It stays cold and there are so many drinking fountains and now water bottle refilling stations are starting to pop up more and more. It’s so simple and the best way to stay hydrated. Find yourself a cute Cricut decal to stick on there to jazz it up on Etsy or make your own.

Wait Until The Last Day to Buy What You Want

25I don’t like carrying stuff around the parks all day. I like to send it back to the resort or wait until later in the trip or the end of the night but if there is a hot item you are really wanting and you aren’t sure it will still be there when you come back or maybe it won’t be in your size. Snag it.

There have been plenty of times when I have really wanted an item and found it in my size or whatever the case may be and I just say to Bryson, “I’ll get it later” and later it was gone and we never found it again on our trip. If you see it, snag it and if you don’t want to carry it around, send it back to your resort or to the front of hte park to be picked up at the end of the day.


Forget an Umbrella or Poncho

29It rains in Florida. A lot. Disney knows it and they charge a premium for ponchos and umbrellas. Don’t get caught in the rain and have to drop that extra money on a poncho or umbrella. Never got to Disney without an umbrella or a poncho. Ponchos take up no space to throw in your bag and they can be the best thing you have in that bag. Don’t get caught in the rain or it could end up being a very soggy afternoon.

Go to Disney Without a Bathing Suit

We live in Colorado. Never would I think, “I should pack a bathing suit in January.” Everytime I don’t take a suit to Disney, I regret it. You never know if you are going to want to just take the afternoon or even just a couple of hours and go lay by the pool. Sometimes it has been too cold. Sometimes it has just not happened because we jam pack too much stuff into our days but we love going and taking advantage of the pools at the resorts.

Some of our favorite Disney pools include Wilderness Lodge, Beach Club, Port Orleans French Quarter and Boardwalk but we certianly not Disney pool experts; there are many pools we have never had the chance to experience… yet.

Wait in Line at Counter Service if Mobile Order is Available

47Mobile ordering is the best thing that has ever happened to Disney quick service. The first time that we tried it, we were at Satuli Canteen and there was a huge line waiting to order and we were like we are going to figure out this Mobile Order thing. We’ve never looked back.

Be sure to check out the My Disney Experience App to see which restaurant locations offer Mobile Ordering; it will save you so much time.

Go to an Epcot Festival on a Friday or Saturday Night if we Can Help it 

8We love locals. Some of our best friends are locals but we are going to everything that we can to avoid going to a festival when the locals crowd Epcot. The lines are insane; there are drunk people everywhere. Let’s just be real with each other for a minute; drunk cheerleaders, mixed with other drunks on a Friday ot Saturday night at the parks takes away from the magic. It does. We typically try to avoid festivals on the weekends and to avoid those crowds unless we can’t help it.

Not Watch the Weather Prior to the Trip

3I will never forget the Christmas trip we took several years back and we were staying at Bay Lake Tower. I wanted to run outside because I was so excited that we were staying close to Magic Kingdom and I could run outside and I was so thrilled. I got up, got my running clothes on; shorts, tank top, running shoes and headed out. It was 34 degrees. 34 degrees… in Orlando.

Now, being from Colorado, I can handle cold. I run in snow, cold, all of that but not in shorts and a tank top. I was so sad. I have never again not religiously checked the Orlando weather before a trip so that I know exactly what I should bring and then I bring extra leggings just in case… except in the summer.

In the summer, we bring two outfits a day because it’s hot as hades.

Watch the Fireworks or Parade Through my Phone or Camera

21We’ve done it; I’ll admit it. I have vlogged the parades, the fireworks shows, all of it, and missed the whole darn thing because I’ve watched it through the lens. Here is the reality of it; there are better photos than what you are going to get and there are better videos than what you are going to shoot. Unless you are being paid to get that footage or are just going to get a couple pieces of it for content or whatever, watch the show with your eyeballs. Those are the memories and then Google that stuff when you get home to re-watch it from other people.

That’s it! That’s our list of things we will never again do in Disney (if we can help it). We hope that this helps you in planning for your next Disney vacation. Whether it is your first or fiftieth trip to Disney; there’s a good chance you are guilty of at least one of these.

Thank you for stopping by and for the love of the mouse, never forget, that it all started with a mouse.

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