New Disney Shorts Are Sure to Bring a Smile

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If you thought Disney was going to slow down that Frozen train anytime soon, we’ve got news for you.

Not only is Frozen 2 already available on Disney+ but Disney animation tweeted earlier this week that they will be launching a new digital series called At Home With Olaf and it will be FREE.

Fans will be able to watch even if they don’t have a Disney+ membership.

The first episode will be called “Fun With Snow” and it was released on Wednesday. Since then, two additional epsidoes have already also been released. One called “Alone in the Forest” and a nother called “Fishin’.”


Disney animator Hyrum Osmond has animated each short film at his house and the shorts have been voiced by the voice of Olaf himself, Josh Gad. These shorts are incredibly short at only about 40 seconds long per video but they are oh so adorable and we are on board for the cuteness.

Thank you for bringing us joy Disney animators! We appreciate you! Stay tuned for more shorts as they will be released on the Walt Disney Animation Studios YouTube channel.

Thank you for stopping by and for the love of the mouse, never forget, that it all started with a mouse.

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