The Best At Home Bodyweight Workouts!

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Back by popular demand, we have more hotel, travel and at home workouts for you so that you can keep your fitness game on point even when you are in Disney or unable to get to the gym.

It’s so easy for hotel workouts to get stale and the next thing you know, you have gone a whole week without a proper workout and you are ending your vacation feeling heavy and lethargic.

88These workouts will keep you motivated and allow you to get a great workout in quickly and in a small space. Whether you head outside to a beach, make a small space at the foot of your bed or find another little corner, these workouts require minimal space and give you maximum results and help you get your day started right.

This series is going to highlight some fun, challenging and great for travel workout ideas for your next trip. Who said you have to let all of your goals and hard work fall to the wayside when you travel. There is nothing like a workout to get your day started out right on vacation and help those vacation calories count a little bit less.

108Always listen to your body and your own limitations and strengths before deciding on a workout. If you have any concerns about a movement or how a movement feels, consult a physician or a trainer before continuing.

Let’s talk movements!

There are so many movements and variations of movements that are perfect for a hotel workout or a lawn workout, something where you don’t have a lot of equipment if any but you have a few feet of space that you can move in.

Workout #1: 

50-40-30-20-10 Couplet

A couplet is a combination of two movements.

There are hundreds of combinations for this workout. The decreasing ladder allows you to maintain a quick pace, keeping that heart rate up as you continue through this quicker workout. Here are some great combinations for the decreasing ladder couplet.

Situps and Pushups (the goal of the pushup is to achieve full range of motion on each rep. That means that your chest touches the floor for each repitition, two inches is not a pushup, modify the exercise accordingly to achieve full range of motion).

Pushup variation from knees. Notice the full range of motion at the bottom demonstrated on the right.

Pushups and Air Squats

Situps and Air Squats


V-Ups and Air Squats

Burpees and Situps

Hand -Release Pushups and Squat Jumps

Hand Release Pushups. Full range of motion pushup, release hands at bottom of pushup then return to start.

If the 50-40-30-20-10 is too much for you starting out cut the reps by ten for each round and build up as you continue the workout to increase the challenge, avoid boredom and keep your muscles from getting used to the movements.


Death By Burpees: There are a variety of burpee variations you can do. Incorporate these into a couplet or triplet (combination of three movements) with an increasing or decreasing rep scheme or choose one variation and complete 100 or do :30 on :30 off until you reach 100 or another number of your choice that presents a challenge for you. Burpees are a great way to start the day. Set a goal of 10 or 15 minutes (or something in between) and do as many burpees as you can in that time frame either with no break or :30 of work :30 of rest of :45 of work :45 of rest. Let’s take a look at some burpee variations.

Burpee. A full burpee is to complete a full range of motion pushup at the bottom of the motion then return to standing.

Half Burpees

Burpee Jack

Burpee to squat


Lunge Lunge Burpee

Squat to Burpee

50 -40- 30- 20- 10 variations: These are some staple movements that will challenge you, give you a great full body workout. These movements will help build core stability, strength and burn calories.

Butterfly situp example


air squats


Additional Movements: Here are some more movement options to switch things up. There are endless opportunities to change up movements and get a great, full-body or targeted workout at home.

Hand release push ups


Squat Jumps

Leg Raises


Elbow Plank on Left Full Plank on Right

Side Plank

Side Plank

up down plank (from hands to elbows and back)

I hope that some of these hit home for you and motivate you to move. It’s tough begin stuck at home or not being able to socialize and go to the gym but we are all in this together and will get through this. The important thing is that we are distancing ourselves and staying home in order to protect those who are most vulnerable. Stay active, stay in a postive mindset and take care of you.

Thank you for stopping by and for the love of the mouse, never forget, that it all started with a mouse.

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