Self Care During Challenging Times

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Self-care comes in a variety of forms and every person looks at it differently depending on their needs and circumstances.

I am going to highlight some of the ways I am helping myself be the best me during this challenging time and this goes way beyond the current circumstances. Curveballs are thrown at us daily and sometimes they have a bigger effect on us than we anticipate or even realize at first.

It’s a really good idea to develop self-care that fits your needs and lifestyle and maybe even a few that are out of your current rhelm; you may find a surprising new way to relax and refresh during times if uncertainly and challenge.

Get Outside – 

90There has been a lot of confusion regarding what is and is not allowed during Stay at Home orders or Shelter in Place orders. Be sure to read the actual order and not just the title in in order to be accurately informed.

For the majority of the Stay at Home or Shelter in Place orders, you can still go outside. You can still go walk, go run, go bike, get outside, do some yoga in the grass, get some vitamin D and move those joints.

You are not doing your body any favors sitting on a couch, doing a puzzle, drawing, painting, binge watching; your body is not going to thank you for that and our bodies aren’t designed for that.

Not to say that those aren’t all great options for keeping yourself and your crew busy during these times because those are great ways to keep your brain stimulated (well, not the binge watching) but you have to move your body too. Your body wants to move; give the body what it wants.

If you are having trouble sleeping, it’s very likely that it’s because you are not stimulating your body. If you don’t give it a reason to need rest, why would it feel like it needs to shut down at the end of a day? Quarantine is not a reason to hole up in the house, plop yourself in a chair or couch for four weeks or more. Get outside, get online and find a free class, do yoga, take a long walk, find something to do that moves your body and gets you  moving so that you can shut down at the end of the day.

Get Off Your Phone –

93What kind of self-care are you finding scrolling Instagram, Twitter or Facebook all day? The answer is none. Put your phone down and stimulate your mind or body. We mentioned above that puzzles, games, painting, crafts aren’t great for body stimulation but they are great for stimulating the mind. Try a new hobby or reinvigorate an old one.

The worst thing you can do for your mental health during this time or challenging times is to sit in front of the television or on your phone dwelling on the issues of the world where you can have no control.

Keep your mind and body stimulated and shut off the technology.

Up Your Skin Care Routine 

94Stress can be a major issue during challenging times or unique circumstances. Change is hard so this current situation is a great time to take care of your skin. Whether it’s doing some research on products that could help with whatever might be nagging at your skin, for me it is dullness and fine lines, or just being more diligent with using the products you already have, this is a great time to start up a strong skin care routine. Stay tuned for a full blog post on my skincare routine and the products I am loving right now.

Daily Devotionals: 


This is not something that is for everyone but for me, daily devotionals help me to feel grounded and ready to take on the day knowing that He is by my side and walking with me through challenges and through daily life. I have a number of devotionals that help me and that I use and I will link some of those here for you to take a look at if it something you feel would help you. I like to take even just ten minutes at the start of each, at the end of each day or both to devote to this.

Jesus is Calling

God Hears Her


Stick to a Routine

88In our daily lives we have a routine and when we get off of that routine, our minds and our bodies tend to fight back. Develop a routine during this time of isolation so that your mind and your body know what is coming and have something to look forward to. A routine is not: I will sit on the couch from the time I wake up until the time I go to bed, take a few minutes to to walk to the kitchen and then sit more. That is not a routine, that is a death sentence and a really easy way to slip into depression.

Decide how you want to start your day, and some things you want to accomplish each day and write them down. For me, I am still working as I work remotely in my every day life but that doesn’t mean that this time of isolation isn’t difficult. In a normal day, I carve out time to go to the gym, run, go to Orange Theory, see my family and friends and it’s important I make a schedule during this time as well, especially for fitness and for things not work related so that I don’t sit in front of my computer working all the time.

89I try to set aside time each and every day for fitness, work, bloging, for devotionals, more fitness, for crafts or organization and more. Having a schedule or a list of things to do each day help get me excited for another day of being in my house.

I have even been trying out some new things. Recipes using things we have on hand, new types of exercise including yoga (which is quite entertaining because this Crossfitter is like a bull in a china shop), dance which was equally entertaining, new skin care and I’m even planning on putting on some makeup at some point.


For some people, getting dressed and doing their hair or makeup like they would for a normal workday or day out helps them mentally push through times of difficulty or isolation, find what works for you but make sure that you are including the following:

Physical stimuation

Vitamin D

Mental Stimulation

Something That Gives You the Happies (something that just makes you feel good)

Those are some of our tips for surviving and maybe even thriving during difficult times or times of change and uncertainty.

Thank you for stopping by and for the love of the mouse, never forget, that it all started with a mouse.

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