Must Have Snacks to Pack For Disney

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7We recently published a blog post highlighting money saving tips for Disney and we wanted to dive a little deeper into eating. We have to eat; all of us and eating in Disney can get expensive so here are some awesome snacks we love to toss in our park bag when we want a little something but don’t want to splurge on a Disney snack.

This can help you not only save money but also save calories. We aren’t saying you should skip all the snacks at Disney, there are some amazing things debuting at Disney all the time in the snack category at Disney parks and resorts and we are all about trying them out but these are perfect for upping your energy when you need a little boost and curbing some of those cravings for the sweet or salty.

Smart Sweets

9These are amazing. I just recently discoverd them and when I need a little sweet treat but don’t want to go overboard on the sugars, these are my new go to. Smart Sweets come in a variety of flavors that taste like some of your favorite sugary gummy candies.

The sour buddies and sweet fish are my favorites but you can snag a variety pack on Amazon that includes four varieties to try out and find out which are your favorites. These are perfect for the parks when you are craving something sweet.



The perfect snack of all time. These easy to peel little clementines are sweet, juicy and a little tart. They pack easily into a backpack or bag for on the go and everyone loves these little guys.

Built Bar

11Ever wonder why your energy dips low at Disney? It’s not just because you are walking miles a day and the sun is beating down on you. How much protein are you consuming? Not enough. Protein is essential for life folks and essential for energy maintanance as well and if you are looking around the snack carts and quick service areas at Disney, protein is not the number one on many of those menus.


Built Bars are hands down my favorite protein bar. In fact, they are the only ones I will eat now that I have discovered them. They are not chalky, not fake tasting, they don’t taste like cardboard. In fact, they are delicious. There are so many flavors although my personal favorites are the chocolate orange cream, chocolate strawberry cream and chocolate almond toffee but there are so many flavors and they are always coming out with new flavors.

We toss them in our park bag each day and sometimes even have them for breakfast. If you are feeling your energy waning, protein is a great tip for reenergizing you and getting you geared up to continue to tackle your Disney vacation.

Quaker Rice Crisps, Single Serve


These are delicious. I love these for everyday at home, along with many of these other snacks but these are crunchy, salty, sweet so they ckeck all the boxes for cravings. If you are waiting in a line for an attraction or waiting for a show, these are perfect and the perfect serving size as well. They come in a variety of flavors so the variety pack has something for everyone.

The Complete Cookie

13These cookies are great. They are huge but if you are counting calories or macros be sure to check out the full serving because one cookie is two servings so just an FYI on that. There are so many flavors to choose from with these cookies; everything from snickerdoodle, mint chocolate, chocolate donut, birthday cake and more. These are plant based, have quite a bit of fiber and are chock full of protein. Since they are so big, not a bad idea to split one when you are wanting a bit of sweet and a pick me up. Easy for on the go and perfect for the parks.

That’s It Fruit Bars

14One thing I always find I am wanting more of in Disney is fruit. You can find fruit, some of the kiosks have apples and bananas but they are not cheap and fruit is just not plentiful at a lot of the dining locations in the parks. These That’s It bars are the perfect solution. They aren’t going to get smushed and ruined as your trek them around the parks and in your luggage but they have no added crap and are just fruit; no added sugar, nothing. They come in a variety of flavors and are compact so fit anywhere.

Off The Eaten Path


I’m not going to lie; when I first saw these, I was skeptical. Items like this can be hit or miss and if they are a miss they either don’t taste like anything or taste like straight cardboard. Not these! These little crisps are well seasoned and packed with veggies. THe ingredient list is limited and I really like these for a nice crispy, savory light snack. A great addition to your snack roundup for a savory, healthy treat.

Kay’s Naturals Protein Grab N Go Meals

17If you are looking for a snack that gives you variety and is higher in protein and lower in carbs these could be for you. These little “meals” (they are not meals in my not so humble opinion on this subject) come in 19 different varieites and each pack has 12 grams of protein which is great. They are gluten free if that is a concern of yours and the protein is plant based which is easier on the stomach if that is a concern of yours. From sweet to savory, these have youcovered and will help keep you energized all day long in Disney.

Premier Protein Clear Protein Drink

18This drink is such a game changer for me. We consume a lot of protein in our daily lives and I am allergic to several varieties so it was always hard for me to hit my macro numbers or protein goals when the protein would make me sick… obviously. I also hate the taste of protein shakes. Then I found this drink and I love it. I use it as a pre-workout and I love keeping one in my bag for when I feel a lull in my energy or just a need for something other than water. It is sweet but doesn’t have that gross protein flavor. I absolutely love it and highly recommend for a changeup in your snack routine. This drink is amazing and perfect for everyday or a park day or even a pool day!

There you have it. There are small ways you can make a big difference when eating in the parks and these snacks are great for everyday as well. Whether you are just looking for some new snacks, perfect park snacks, to save a little money at Disney or looking to cut a few calories, these are all perfect options for you.

Thank you for stopping by and for the love of the mouse never forget, that it all started with a mouse.


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