Bubble Nebula Eyeshadow Palette, Huda Beauty Dupe?

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I love a good eyeshadow palette. I mean, I have an entire drawer dedicated to eyeshadow palettes, (Shhh don’t tell Bryson) so clearly I have an obsession but that love sure can get expensive.


When I learn about a dupe palette for a super popular designer palette, I have to do my research. If you follow along with my tutorials you know that I love a good dupe and my go to for dupe palette’s is UCANBE which can be purchased on Amazon.

My latest gem find from UCANBE is the Bubble Nebula palette which is a dupe for the Huda Beauty Mercury Retrograde palette. These palette’s are so similiar that it is truly crazy.


The Huda Beauty Mercury Retrograde palette retails for $67 and the UCANBE Bubble Nebula palette is on Amazon for $9.99. Full disclosure, I have purchased both the regular palette and the dupe in the past but for this one, I have only purchased the UCanBe palette.


Let’s talk about some of the differences between the two palettes. The prices are obvious differences but beyond that, you can expect some formulation differences. Particularly, I notice differences between UCANBE and Huda Beauty when it comes to the multi-reflective shadows or duochromes.

Above, we have the Huda Beauty palette on the left and the UCANBE palette on the right. The shades look incredibly similar though between the two palettes. Each and every shade looks close to the Huda shades so we are going to create some really fun looks with this. I was super excited to dive into this veratile palette and ever more excited that I didn’t drop $67 on it.

Let’s jump into a full face tutorial that is highlighted with this gorgeous bargain palette and see what kind of fun we can have.


134Products I used on for the full face:

Becca Backlight Priming Filter Face Primer in Radiant Finish

Too Faced Born This Way Natural Radiant Concealer in Light Nude

Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream in Shade Medium

Love Craft Beauty Bronzer Palette

Love Craft Beauty Blush Palette

Ofra X Madison Miller Miller Squad Mini Palette

133The Becca Backlight Primer is gold. This has become one of my hands down favorite primers. Even in the winter, I am am all about the glow. This primer isn’t sticky and goes on smooth and gives the skin a fantastic natural glow.

It also works to smooth the canvas of the skin for other products to glide on while blurring pores and minimizing discoloration and flaws. Big fan.

Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream is a year round must have for me. As I have mentioned in every makeup or beauty post, I don’t do full coverage. I don’t even own a full coverage foundation because it just isn’t my preferance for my skin. This BB cream is perfect for me. Light in coverage it doesn’t get oily or cakey, it just adds a nice evenness to the skin while complimenting the glow of the Becca Primer perfectly.

146I just discovered the Love Craft Beauty Brand through my Ipsy Glam Bag (big fan of that by the way in the three months I have received it). I really enjoy the bronzer palette, it is perfect for contour and adding a touch of color during these pale winter months. I have just started to play around with the blush palette but the shades are versatile and very pigmented.

Let’s get to the meat of this look; the eyes. I am obsessed with this palette guys. I have used it to create about five looks so far and each one just makes me happy.

Today, we are going to go in with a versatile look that could go from day to night and is perfect with jeans and a sweater or that perfect little black dress. We are going in with more of the rose gold, mauve and neutral’s today but we might just be back with another look getting in with those more frisky shades to really bring this palette home and do it some justice.

Let’s get started.


First, let’s go in with our transition look for this look, we are going to take our blending brush such as the E40 Tapered Blending Brush and we are going to go in with the 4th shade in on the second row (come on UCANBE, name your shades!).


The importance of a transition shade is to create depth. You want to create a base for the blending that will help to merge the colors together but to create depth and dimension to the finished eyeshadow look.

This shade gets buffed onto the the crease and I for this look and a lot of my looks, I like to go a little darker on the outer part of the eye and a little lighter on the inner part of the eye with the transition shade. I think this helps to brighten the eye.

If you notice, I bring the shadow just slightly out beyond the eye along the line between the outer corner of the eye and the very outer corner of the brow.

We are going to stay on the second row and go in with that first shade. I’m using the same brush to buff this into the crease, especially along the outer corner.


Now, with a brush like the Sigma E42 Precision Blender, go to the bottom row, second shade, that gorgeous wine color.


We are going to pack this onto the outer third of the eye taking it all the way to that V we created with the original transition shade deepening that wing.


At this point, I am absolutely loving this look. Already, these shades are blending beautifully. The mattes are pigmented and rich and are really blending well on the eye. I have $45 and $55 dollar palettes that don’t blend like this. Okay UCANBE, I see you.

Let’s get shimmery!


We are going to go in with a flat top brush and the gold shimmer shade on the bottom row, the very last shade on the right. I dampened this with a bit of my Watermelon Glow Ultra Fine Mist and then I packed this onto the lid, heavier in the center of the lid.


Next up, the first shadow in the palette, on the top left on a dampened flat top brush we are going to blend that on the outer corners of the gold.


With a different flat top brush, I go back into that wine, burgundy shade on the bottom row and buff that into the outer V on the lid blending into the gold as we buff.


With a smudge brush, go between the mauve shade and the burgundy shade and buff that into the lower lash line.

I completed the look with my Sex Kitten liner from Tarte and my go to Better than Sex Mascara also from Too Faced.




This palette you guys, this palette is gorgeous and versatile and for under $10 it truly can’t be beat. Perfect for each and every season, there is a look for everyone with this. I can’t get enough.

Thank you for stopping by and for the love of the mouse, never forget, that it all started with a mouse.






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