January and February 2020 Favorites

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47We’re back! With more monthyl favorites… or bi-monthyl favorites if you will. I have some amazing products that I am love love loving right now and I can’t wait to share them with you. Be sure to check out my Monthly Favorites tabs for even more things that I love and links to get ahold of them for youself.

Nothing in my favorites tab is ever sponsored. These are just things that I use and love and am obsessed with.

We’ve got some fun items to cover so let’s get started.


Food and Drink:

Skinny Syrups

78We have saved so much money since we stopped going to the coffee house everyday and instead make our cold brew and lattes at home. We purchased a frother and every morning I put my oat milk (lactose intolerant over here, don’t hate) and my skinny syrups in my little frother pitcher and make myself a delicious latte that doesn’t cost $4.00 or more.

Skinny syrups are a game changer. I really despise sugar free syrups. They taste so fake and blah but these skinny syrups are delicious and taste like the real deal. I have several of them and can’t wait to order more!

You can really spice up your morning coffee routine and save some big bucks by investing a little in your at home coffee shop. There are so many amazing flavors and styles for all your needs and wants.

Poppables Salt and Vinegar

79Yep! You read that right. I am a sucker for a salt and vinegar chip. And these poppables are delicious. Crunchy, light, airy and filled with delicious salt and vinegar flavor. I can’t get enough and stumbled upon them totally by accident but now I’m hooked. Embark on this deliciousness at your own risk.





Oat Milk

80For years I have been on the non-milk train. I am lactose intolerant and while I still take part in the cheese and ice cream occasionally (Ok, I eat cheese like every day), but I hate the taste of milk, I can’t even stand people drinking a glass of milk around me, it is beyond disgusting but I love lattes so typically went the coconut or almond route but this oat milk is a game changer.

It is much creamier than any other milk alternative and tastes less watery which is a huge plus. If you are looking for a non-dairy alternative I definitely suggest giving this one a try.

Makeup and Body: 

ColourPop Mint to Be Palette

48I did a full blog post dedicated to this palette because that’s how amazing it is. Mint green is one of my absolute favorite colors and I cannot express to you how fast you should go scoop up this palette. Colourpop is changing the face of the beauty industry. Their formulas are incredible and the price is unbelievable especially for the quality.

This is a nine pan shadow palette all of green hues and this palette is $12. There is a great mixture of matte shades and metallic shades that blend out for an amazing spring look.

I was a little worried about creating a look with this palette just because it is monochrome and monochrome can be difficult to play around with sometimes but this is just gorgeous. For $12 you seriously cannot go wrong.

Head over to our blog post to see one of the full looks that I created.

UCanBe Bubble Nebula Palette

81If you guys follow along with our blog you know that I love a good dupe palette and this one is just that and more. This is a dupe palette for the Huda Beauty Mercury Retrograde palette. The Huda Beauty palette retails for $67 and is a great palette. Their formulas are amazing and these are truly amazing palettes. But this dupe is $9.99 on Amazon and is fantastic.

I have been playing around with this palette for several weeks and it’s amazing. The metallics are creamy and shimmery and dimensional and the mattes are blendable and buildable and pigmented. It’s a truly amazing palette and at under $10, this is a steal of a deal.

Becca Backlight Filter Face Primer

82I am not a fan of full coverage foundations and I prefer a lumi look as opposed to a matte look and this primer is worth every penny for my needs. It goes on with an amazing lumified glow and the products just glide onto the face over this evenly and without caking. This has become my everyday primer.

I still use a variety of products depending on what I am looking for and what I am feeling for that day but I can’t praise this product highly enough and if you like a fresh glow I would definitely recommend checking this out.




For the Home: 

Ninja Foodie Grill and Air Fryer

I’m going to be real with you for a minute. We bought an Instant Pot over a year ago and it is still sitting above our oven in the box.

83So, for Christmas, we got this air fryer and I was skeptical. Sunday is our meal prep day. I cook all of our food for the week typically on Sunday’s and I have my routine and I didn’t need any new fangled contraption interrupting my flow.

Then we used it and it is amazing. We make chicken wings in it, grilled copy cat Chik-Fil-A nuggets, broccoli, so many things. We don’t actually eat fried things at home but it isn’t just for “frying” it keeps the outside of items crunchy and the inside juicy and most.

Great for veggies, chicken, burgers and so much more. We are constantly trying new things with this Ninja Foodie Grill and we can’t wait to try even more.

Bath and Body Works Fresh Cut Lilacs Candle

84I do not think there are better candles on the market than Bath and Body Works candles. I have an addiction to these candles, we have so many and we are always burning them. I keep one in my office and three on our main floor. The Fresh Cut Lilac scent is my favorite.

It smells just like fresh cut lilacs, imagine that. It is so heavenly and when I look out the window of my office and see snow falling and more coming over the mountains, I breathe in my glorious candle and am transported to beautiful summer days.

Clothing and Accessories: 

Baleaf Leggings

85I have the hardest time finding leggings that stay up and running in winter in Colorado, that can be a big issue. I’ve tried $75 leggings that every Crossfitter and fitness freak swears by, I’ve tried $14 and nothing and I mean nothing works as well, is as comfortable and breathable and every day wearable as well as 14 miles in snow wearable than Baleaf leggings.

Leggings from Amazon that are all right around $20 are the answer for me and I found these from Blair Lamb’s YouTube channel because she swears by these as well and is not nearly as curvy as me so clearly they work for all types. 10/10 reccomend whether you are looking for workout leggings, lounge leggings or something in between, check these out.

Mickey Short Overalls

86These take me back to elementary school! I need these in my life. I haven’t even purchased these yet because I need to try them on first but they are the best thing ever. I cannot wait to try these on and hopefully buy them because they are everything that was right with the 90’s.

Violet Lemonade Ears

87I am all about a good themed outfit for a Disney trip and with Flower and Garden Festival coming up and happening during our next trip to Walt Disney World, I am excited to wear my Violet Lemonade inspired outfit and of course I had to get some Violet Lemonade inspired ears. Poupee Stitch has never steered me wrong with her creations and I am thrilled with these as well. You can grab a pair on her site. Perfect for Flower and Garden.

Belle Bronze Spirit Jersey

88For some reason, this collection was met with lackluster enthusiasm from the Disney community but not from me. I think part of the problem is that Disney continues to release merchandise and new collections every other week and that is causing a lot of overload for consumers. We live in a world where we need constant gratification but as soon as we get it, we are already consumed with what is coming next.

I could go on and on about this topic but back to the spirit jersey; it’s great. I love the black and the bronze letters that are puffed out with the patina effect which gives it a unique look. It is subtle but that’s why I love it. Definitely one of my favorite spirit jersey’s to date.

Simply Crafty Shirts From Etsy

89I have now placed three orders from this shop and each one is just as high quality and cute as the last. You guys know that I love Etsy but like everything online, it can be hit or miss. I have ordered a lot of items that I thought were going to be perfect but weren’t as high quality as I expected. That’s the price you pay for shopping online and I will continue to support and advocate for small business because so many of the things, like the items that I have ordered from Simply Crafts are worth the money and the time it takes to get them.


Charity Miles

Charity Miles is a free app that I use to track my running miles and do so for a charitable cause. I have been using this app for well over a year and I just love it.

54Charity Miles is a free app for IPhone and Samsung phones that tracks the steps you take whether walking or running and for every mile tracked on your trek you earn $.25 for the charity of your choice.

The app allows you to track your progress through total miles gone and total sessions completed. Set a mile goal for the year that helps you be active and headed towards a healthier, more active lifestyle and give back at the same time. Good for you and good for the organization of your choice.Download the Charity Miles app today and get started toward a healthier you and a more philanthropic you as well.

Well, phew. There you have it. Those are some of the things that I am loving right now and would recommend you checking out if you are interested.

Thank you for stopping by and for the love of the mouse never forget, that it all started with a mouse.


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