Mickey Balloon Ears Coming to Disney. We Take it a Step Further

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Disney is releasing a Mickey Balloon ear, they sure are taking their cues from Etsy and small shops to create to unique and innovative designs and styles.


The ears have been spotted in Disneyland already and are retailing for $34.28 plus tax in Disneyland.

But, wait! If we are talking this iconic Disney symbol, let’s take it up a notch. We have scoured the internet for all things Mickey balloon’s and we’re bringing it all to you. Pair it with your new Mickey ears from Disney and we are even including a few other ear options for you to consider.

Let’s get started.


Mickey Balloon Leggings

Shop Disney has Mickey balloon leggings that of course you need to go with your new Mickey Balloon ears right? Super cute!


Mickey Balloon Leggings in Grey

White not your think? Fear not! Disney also has a pair of Mickey balloon leggings in grey!


Toy Story Mickey Balloon Shirt

Gravitee Shop over on Etsy has the most adorable shirts. Not only is there this cute one with some of our fave Toy Story characters in a tea cup with a Mickey balloon, there are several versions of this shirt with other classic characters. Check out this shop for amazing quality and adorable designs.


Mickey Balloon Athletic Shoe

Kick your heels up in excitement because these Vans are amazing. We love that they are black so you aren’t going to get them dirty while you walk the parks all day. Pair these with your leggings and ears and you have a whole Mickey Balloon outfit.


Baymax Mickey Balloon Shirt

Ba la la la la la la! Get your hands on this Baymax Mickey Balloon shirt (I actually own this one and LOVE it). Are you satisfied with your care?


Disney Balloon Shirt

Classic Disney Balloon shirt and if you follow our channel and this series you know that we LOVE Bella Canvas tees. These are so comfy soft and perfect for a long park day. They come in a variety of colors too!


Mickey Balloon Earrings

This print! This print is everything. These earrings are all the rage lately and we are here for it. Definitely a statement piece but so lightweight and perfect for a magical day at the parks with your Mickey Balloon outfit.


Mickey Balloon Headband

Ears not your thing? You can still make a magical statement with these knotted headbands. This is covered with Mickey balloons and it’s amazing. Pair this with your leggings for the perfect ear-less outfit.


Mickey Balloon Magic Band Bow

Magic Bands are the ultimate Disney accessory and this bow is the perfect accessory to your disney accessory.


Mickey Balloon Stud Earrings

If you are more into these stud earrings we totally get it. These would be absolutely perfect with ears.


Buy me a Mickey Balloon Shirt

Need we say more? Nope! This shirt says it all.


Disney Balloon Shoes

These blue athletic Disney Balloon shoes are great! Nothing like walking around with a Mickey Balloon with a bright blue sky in the background. That is exactly what these remind us of.


Mickey Balloon Barrette

Are barrettes back? Did we not get the memo? Well alright then! How happy do these clear, glittery Mickey balloons make you?


Baby Yoda Mickey Balloon Shirt

Because duh. Baby Yoda with a Mickey balloon? Day made.


ClEARly Magic

She has two ear options for the Mickey balloon. I actually helped inspire the design for one and they are some of my favorite ears ever. Absolute perfection for a day at Magic Kingdom. Be sure to pair these with those Shop Disney leggings.

Well, we hope we have made all of your Mickey balloon dreams come true.

Thank you for stopping by and for the love of the mouse, never forget, that it all started with a mouse.

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