Mulan to Receive a PG-13 Rating

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The first ever live action remake of a Disney classic to received a PG-13 rating from the Motion Picture Association of America.

The rating is due to “sequences of violence”.


This is the first live action film from Disney to reecive a PG-13 rating since Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales which was released in 2017.

The trailer shows far more war sequences than we saw in the orginal Mulan and seems to head off the beaten path from the first Mulan. It looks as though this particular film depicts more of an adult oriented story born from Chinese legend though films hae reported that families are more willing to take their whole family to PG-13 films in recent years.

We expect this film to stray from the original and come alive with more of an action packed storyline than the 1998 original.


Another issue for the film comes from the Coronavirus outreak which has shut down many cities and events including two Disney parks overseas as China attempts to control the virus. The fear of the virus could potentially cause delay in the overseas release dates.

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(Source: Variety, CNET, Hollywood Reporter)


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