RUMOR! Pixar Pier Inspired Update Coming to Hollywood Studios

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101Hollywood Studios has undergone a major refurb and the park has gone from the least attended, half-day at most park in Walt Disney World to arguably the most popular park (currently) in the Orlando area.

Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge should be credited with a lot of Hollywood Studios newfound popularity but there is also the relatively new and amazingly imagineered Toy Story Land and the soon-to-be open Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway.

So, what’s next?

Rumors have been swirling regarding what is still to come for Hollywood Studios. Everything from an Incredible’s Themed permanent area to a Monster’s Inc area. Well, it seems that Disney may be taking a page from the West Coast and possibly bring a Pixar Pier style area to Hollywood Studios that could encompass all of the desired Pixar IP into one space.


So, where would this new land be going? Our original thought was that it would take over the Rock N’ Roller Coaster area but according to Screamscape, it seems that Disney could actually be planning to transform what was formerly the entrance to Toy Story Mania, through the entrance to Toy Story Land and also around Animation Courtyard and Mickey Avenue into a Pixar Place that could encompass all of the rumored attractions such as Monster’s Inc and the Incredibles into one Pixar themed land.

In an article, Orlando Weekly reminded us that in 2018, Hollywood Studios housed three temporary attractions themed to CarsMonsters, Inc., and the Incredibles. Was Disney testing out how these films were received as new spaces or attractions in Hollywood Studios for a future planned area? All of the areas were well-received although our preference for a new land at Hollywood Studios would be a Radiator Springs inspired attraction and area but that’s just us.

There has been no confirmation on these rumors at this time so stay tuned right here to For Love of the Mouse as we learn more.

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(Source: Orlando Weekly, Screamscape)

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