Disney Vacation Club Frustration

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34Some analysts state that Disney is likely to see flat attendance in the near future, those trying to book vacations in the near future see things differently.

Disney Vacation Club members are seeing sparse availability for all of 2020 and rooms went fast for the third and fourth quarters of 2019. Disney is ramping up their game with ads across many of their networks that are high visibility including ESPN and ABC.

The low crowd times at Disney World are becoming harder and harder to spot and many weeks that previously were a little less crowded are seeing more intense crowds and longer wait times.

58We travel to Disney quite frequently and we go one particular week each December for our Christmas and my birthday trip and for the first three years that we did this, the crowds were really low. In 2019, ot was busy but we thought much of that had to do with the opening of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge and more specifically, Rise of the Resistance.

Our thought was that the hype of Galaxy’s Edge would die down and December 2020 would be back to “normal”. I think we underestimated Disney’s efforts to drive people to the parks.

1211 months out from when we wish to go in December, Bryson was up and ready to book our studio at our home resort at 5:00 a.m. on the dot (7 a.m. EST). As the clock changed to 5:00 he clicked and BOOM! Everything was gone. We couldn’t even get a 1 or 2 bedroom suite (which we have zero desire to do since it’s just two of us).

We tried the same thing for several days and nothing. Now, I’m not saying this isn’t a first world problem, it is. But, we spend a lot of money to ensure that we are able to visit Disney World as a DVC member so I would like to be able to not bust through all of our points on one trip; that’s not, for us, why we did DVC.

73We like to spread our points out and use them throughout the year and get the most bang for our bucks in terms of number of trips.

There are a number of different reasons people sign up for DVC and everyone’s needs and wants are different for the program but for us, it’s really frustrating to be trying to book a trip 11 months out and have zero availability after we have spent all of this money to have that perk.

We understand this happening once but it has now happened four times in the last couple of months and that, to us, in, quite honestly unacceptable for as much as DVC costs and the expectations that were sold to us with the program.

104We aren’t saying that Disney Vacation Club isn’t worth it but it is something to consider if you are looking to buy into the timeshare. But, if you can’t find availability and are still paying the dues, that’s a strong consideration and definitely something Disney needs to address and fix.

We have our fingers crossed that at the 7 month mark, we are able to find studio availability at other DVC resorts and are able to take advantage of the program that we sunk so much money into.

72One thing we did notice when we were talking with other DVC members and looking at resort availability at the Vacation Club properties, was that the resorts seeing the least amount of availability at the 11 month mark were Copper Creek (our home resort and one that supposedly still has availability to purchase into), Beach Club and The Grand Floridian.

Our question becomes, if they are still attempting to sell prospective DVC members on Copper Creek, shouldn’t members be able to book the property at 11 months out who have already bought into the resort? And if members are not able to do so, perhaps it’s time to stop pushing that particular resort for the timeshare.

71We have done a number of vlogs highlighting our experience with DVC and although this particular post is to show something of a frustration with the timeshare, we do love DVC and we are blessed that it is something we are able to partake in and be a part of.

I want to share honest, raw experiences with our audience because nothing is perfect and we dont want to give the impression that everything is always amazing with Disney when that, of course, isn’t ever going to be the reality.

Our sharing of our experiences is never to turn someone off from buying into DVC or booking a trip we just want to provide well-rounded, honest testimony so that you are able to make fully informed decisions and have an insider understanding from us.

89We would love for you to check out our DVC playlist over on our YouTube channel to learn more about DVC and our experience.

This is the first time we have ever had an issue with DVC and have really ever been frustrated with the program and we are sure we will still be able to head home several times this year and will get it figured out.

We hope this has been helpful to you and has provided a little insight into the frustrations some members are feeling with Disney Vacation Club and the lack of availability for the resorts.

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One thought on “Disney Vacation Club Frustration

  1. Thanks for the post. We’re considering DVC but are concerned about this very scenario occurring (i.e. logging in the “right” way at 7AM and seeing zero availability). WHO snagged that availability? This is a serious question ( so don’t laugh)…do you have suspicions that there is a “super secret” membership for pros/ real estate agents/ developers that gives them advanced booking (beyond 11 months)? It just doesn’t make sense to me otherwise that the availability would just dry up like that with no rational explanation. This is a LOT of money to not be able to book exactly WHAT I want WHEN I want. Why should I take the plunge on DVC membership???

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