4 Things Disney Can Improve On With Their New Cruise Ships

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94Oh hey! Welcome back or if you are new here welcome. Today we are talking Disney Cruise Line.

Disney currently has four ships in their fleet and is adding an additional 3. The four ships currently in service are The Disney Dream, The Disney Fantasy, The Disney Wonder and The Disney Magic.

The Disney Magic and the Disney Wonder are sister ships which means that they are almost identical. They are the smaller ships of the fleet.

The Disney Dream and The Disney Fantasy are also sister ships and are the larger ships on the fleet.

49With three new ships on the horizon set set to take on the high seas over the next few years, we thought it would be a great time to talk about some things Disney could change up that would improve their already awesome cruising experiences in our (not so) very humble opinion.

Let’s get started.


Bigger And/Or More Pools

USA Today

One of the best parts about cruising for me personally and for a lot of other people as well is the pools. Disney has great pool areas, they do but they are really small, especially on The Disney Wonder and The Disney Magic.

The hot tubs are quite small and usually really crowded and the adults only pool, particularly on The Magic and The Wonder is small. Quite honestly, the kids or family area is really small too especially considering how many families and kids are on the ships.


So, it would be great if Disney would take the opportunity to make the pools larger or add additional pools to both areas that guests could enjoy without feeling like they are on top of each other.

Side note, on our most recent cruise, which was on The Disney Wonder, I was wanting to sit in the hot tub for a bit with my book and this was even during a port day so the majority of the people were not even on the ship and it was so crowded. I ended up sitting at the pool for about six hours which is totally something I love to do but I wasn’t able to get into the hot tub until closer to the end.

I could have squeezed in but I’m not a big fan of people soup and that was what it was reminding me of so if Disney could expand the pool options that would be awesome.

Improve The Accoustics 

93It’s a family cruise line and there are a lot of people in those restaurants and there is entertainment and fun and we totally get that but those restaurants can get insanely loud and if Disney can master forced perspective and create incredible attraction experiences, they have to be able to figure out something with the acoustics of the restaurants and make it so we don’t have to shout at each other to be heard.

Better Theming in Restaurants

90We have a feeling this is something that Disney is already well aware of and will be on top of for the upcoming ships especially since some of the most recent updates to the ships currently sailing have been to update and re-theme the dining rotation restaurants.

We’re hoping to see more Animator’s Palate, Tiana’s Place and Rapunzel’s Royal Table and less Royal Court and Enchanted Garden which have always been incredibly lackluster and below standard for our liking.

Overhaul Castaway Club 

91Being a Castaway Club member is great. We love getting lanyards that recognize our return and that the more you cruise, the earlier you can booknot only cruises themselves but also excursions and things.

But, even the biggest hoarder has to admit that there is really no reason for four one-shoulder backpacks for each time you sail as a Castway Club member. How many backpacks can one family need? I mean really.

Each sailing should have a different Castaway Club member gift and the more you cruise, the better those gifts should be because you are giving Disney a whole heck of a lot of money to sail on those ships and while I appreciate the gesture, I don’t need another shoulder bag.

And one more selfish thing

52This is totally a selfish request because as much as I take advantage of the soft serve ice cream and believe me I do take advantage, I am lactose intolerant and would love a sorbet option at the soft serve machine.

Now, let’s be real though. You give an inch and people will take a mile and the next thing you know, everyone is up in arms asking for vegan ice cream and gluten free and oat milk and this, that and the other so while that is my personal selfish request, I totally understand why it is what it is.

I don’t want your takeaway from this post to be that we don’t love or enjoy Disney cruises. We obviously do love them because we continue to go on them and have little desire to cruise with anyone else. This is simply a post to point out a few things that we think Disney could improve upon with these three new amazing and magical ships coming soon.

There is always room for improvement and Disney never stops improving upon themselves and their ventures.

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If you are interested in booking a Disney Cruise, head over to the Disney Cruise Website to get started.

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