“One Big Medieval Mess”! Check Out This Sword And The Stone Merchandise We Found

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With the new ‘Magic Happens’ parade coming to Disneyland, we thought it would be fun to highlight the underrated Disney classic, The Sword and The Stone. We scoured the internet to find some fun Sword and the Stone merchandise so that you can represent this classic at Disneyland for the ‘Magic Happens’ parade.

You can also catch up on this fantastic film over on Disney+.


Not at the parade? Enjoy your morning cup of coffee out of this great mug from Shop Disney. We love the paintbrush handle detail and the color scheme on this great coffee mug. It can’t be yours for $19.99.


This Mad Madam Mim shirt from TeePublic is great! You will get a lot of laughs with this one. Select your shirt color from a multitude of options to match your style. There are also several different shirt styles to choose from. This shirt starts at $13 depending on the size and style you choose.


Capture the moment when Arthur pulls that famed sword from the stone while a pleased Merlin encourages the boy on with this great stained glass inspired Sword and the Stone shirt from BoxLunch. We love this shirt and it would be perfect for a fun day at Disney if you want to stand out. True Disney fans will definitely love this gem. You can snag it over on Buxlunch.com for $28.90.

RedBubble.com has a ton of great options over on their website for the Sword And The Stone fan. We’re going to include a couple of items that really stood out to us.


When Merlin got fired up he took off for warmer weather and this shirt cracks us up. We’ve all had that moment when we want to just leave it all behind and jet off to the beach and leave all of our toubles behind. Channel that with this hilarious shirt from Red Bubble for $17.36.


Hockety Pockety! We are so jealous of Merlin getting his entire life in this tiny suitcase through a little hockety pockety. This is one of our favorite scenens from the film. Snag this great shirt on Red Bubble for just $17.07.


That magical moment when Arthur pulls the sword from the stone and is proven as the true king is perfectly illustrated on this shirt. We love it!


We could all do well to remember that “Knowledge and Wisdom is the Real Power.” Shop Disney literally spells it out for us on this stark white shirt with brilliant purple and gold/yellow script. $26.95 for these words of wisdom.


Toss your park essentials in this fabulous tote or use as your computer bag for word to really make a statement or even your beach or cruise bag. We love everything about this tote bag that we found on Etsy from the shop ForeverWars. The dimensions are customizable as well!


Who is your favorite character in Sword and the Stone? I have to go with Archimedes. He is such a curmudgeon and I love it. Silly mustard over on Etsy has this simple and great shirt featuring a line from Archimedes Owl. Simple yet so charming.


The Wild Peas also on Etsy has an equally cute yet totally different take on this grumpy ball of feathers. This Archimedes Academy shirt comes in a variety of styles and colors and starts at $23.06.


Sword and the Stone ears are not common place but we found these on Etsy from Flip Stitch Repeat Co and they are perfect to complete your Sword and the Stone inspired outfit.


I love a good, fun earring. These owl earrings that look exactly like adorable Archimedes are the best accessory to go with your Sword and the Stone inspired outfit. They come in two different finishes and are incredible reasonable. Check out An Enchanting Creature to snag yourself a pair of these.


These are for the ultimate Sword and the Stone fan because these will absolutely break the bank but if you need an awesome, unique pair of Mickey ears inspired by the classic film and the villain Mad Madam Mim, these are for you.


This fabric is amazing. These are great and feature Merlin, Mim, Archimedes, Arthur. Love it! These ears are perfect for trying to pull the stone out at Disneyland or in Magic Kingdom.


I absolutely believe that I and probably you can not read this shirt without singing it just like Merlin does in the film. Love it, need this for sure.

There you have it! Some really awesome Sword and the Stone inspired items from all over the internet for the Merlin, Arthur or Archimedes fan in your life or for yourself because… Treat Yo Self. Hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed finding these gems.

Thank you for stopping by and for the love of the mouse, never forget, that it all started with a mouse.


















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