Organizing Your Stateroom on a Cruise

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50Ahoy matey’s!

Today, we are going to talk about organizing your stateroom. Cruise staterooms are quite small, especially compared to a normal sized hotel room.

It is really important for us to organize our stateroom so that we can relax while we are in the room and so that we don’t have clothes and items just strewn about. We don’t spend a lot of time in our stateroom but when we are in there, we want to maximize relaxation and organization.

Let’s jump right in.


We really do believe that the key to cruising success and organization is to unpack. Staterooms are designed for maximum storage in the small space so utilize the drawers, closets and spaces for storage by unpacking your suitcases and storing them under the bed (if available) to get them out of your way and enjoy your stay.

59Use the Hangers

If you are taking nice clothes or items that wrinkle easily, use the hangers and hang them up. This helps to reduce wrinkles (bring that Downy Wrinkle Releaser too, it’s a lifesaver) and it also helps with your organization. Use the lower shelf for shoes to keep those out of the way and declutter the floor of your stateroom. Another tip is if you find that you are a few hangers short, let your stateroom attendant know and they will bring you some additional.



60Get a USB Charging Port

Disney Cruise Line does not allow power strips on board the ship and there aren’t a ton of plug ins around the cabins for your electronic devices and other plug in needs. We highly recommend a USB charging port like this one found on Amazon (this is actually the exact one that we use). It allows you to charge all of your electronic devices and keep them all in one compact space and not strewn around the room.

61Collapsible Laundry Basket

Whenever we travel, we obviously have to find a place to put our dirty laundry so on a cruise that’s is no different. These collapsible laundry baskets fit perfectly into the closets in the stateroom and keeps your dirty laundry in one spot. I know some people just toss their dirty laundry back into their suitcase but that means that every time we have an item that has been worn, we have to pull our big suitcases out from under the bed and it’s just not convenient. These baskets are super convenient and pack away flat and small in your suitcase before and after you use them. We found a couple that we really like and that fit great and collapse down for easy transport.

62Toiletry Bag for the Bathroom

Let’s face it, some of us have a lot of toiletries… Ok, I have a lot of toiletries and if I’m not careful, I can take up the entire bathroom with my stuff leaving Bryson with a teeny, tiny corner to put all of his items. This toiletry bag is great. It is big enough for the both of us and it packs compact so that we can store it away under the sink when we aren’t using it.

We typically pull out a couple of items that we use multiple times throughout the day and put them on the shelf but keep the rest of it in this travel case in the bathroom and can pull it out whenever we need it. The great thing about this one is that you can store it under the sink or hang it if the bathroom has a hook. 10/10 recommend.

A Few Other Tips


These aren’t necessarily related to organization but are some of our top tips for cruising success and avoiding the post-cruise sickness that happens after you are surrounded by a couple thousand of your fellow Disney loving cruisers and their germs.

Bring Your Own Liquid Hand Soap

Cruise ships are germ magnets. That’s just a fact. It is really important to wash your hands constantly and to always be using soap and sanitary wipes. We bring our own hand soap when we go on longer vacations because you can get them for $1.00 at the Dollar Store or at your local grocer and it is so much more sanitary than a bar. You can lock the soap so it doesn’t leak all over the place if you have leftover to bring home as well.

Bring a Mini Hand Sanitizer

Call me a germaphobe but I have seen plenty of kids (and adults) wipe their snotty noses then touch anything and everything around them and on a cruise ship, if there are sick people, you are all stuck together, touching the same surfaces. Because of this, I bring a travel sized hand sanitzer with me on every single trip and I also keep one on me everyday in my purse. The Hydrating Hand Sanitizer is my go to, I absolutely love it and have spoken about it so many times.

9A Lanyard

Disney Cruises give you what is called a Key to the World card and it is your lifeline on the ship. The card is how you pay for everything on board, it has your muster drill letter on it so you know where to go for the mandatory safety drill, it has your dining rotation and it is your room key. Pretty essential. The easiest way to keep track of your card is on a lanyard so we recommend bringing one if it is your first Disney Cruise. If it is not your first cruise, they will give you a lanyard you can use.

Final Thoughts

Whatever you have that you think can help you keep your small space on the ship organized, consider bringing it because a clean and tidy stateroom is key to a calm and relaxing cruise. These are our tried and true space saver, organizer tips for cruising without chaos.

Thank you for stopping by and for the love of the mouse, never forget, that it all started with a mouse.

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