Colourpop Mint to Be Palette and Tutorial

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I love a good Colourpop palette and mint green is my favorite color so you can imagine my joy when I got a glimpse of the new Colourpop Mint To Be palette and collection.

49Creating a look with depth using only one color can be difficult but I’m definitely up for the challenge. You can purchase the Mint To Be palette by itself or as part of the Freshly Minted Collection over on the Colourpop website.

The palette includes 9 shades of green ranging from a sea foam type color to a true mint to a deep sage. There are a mixture of mattes and metallics or shimmers in this nine pan palette and I am excited to continue to play around with it and create even more fun and fresh looks. The palette by itself can be purchased for $12.



48The Freshly Minted Collection includes the Mint To Be palette, two Gliterally Obsessed Gels that are white, one is startk white and one has more of a green shift, one supershock matte green shadow and one supershock shimmer green shadow and the Matcha Love kit that includes a matcha lippie scrub and Fourth Ray Beauty’s Matcha Face Milk. The collection can be purchased for $48.

If you are ready to create a minty look perfect for date night or perfectly matched with jeans and a white sweater, let’s jump right in because this collection is beyond gorgeous.

Here we go.

44First things first, I like to prime my eyes with eyeshadow primer before we get started. This is especially true when using lighter pastel shades because is helps adhere the true color and more of that true color to the eyes.

If you don’t have eyeshadow primer you can use concealer but just know that eyeshadow primer is tackier than concealer and is designed specifically for the eyes.

45We’re going to go in first with a fluffy blending brush such as the Elf Fluffy Eye Blender Brush with the shade Get Fresh. We’re going to use this as a transition shade but we are also going to blend it lightly onto the lid. Get fresh is a cool, minty, light green shade that works well as a base and allows for blendable color and building.

I’m going to take this shade up into the crease of my eye and buff it into the crease heavier on the outer V and lighter as you move towards the inner corner. While I didn’t drag a lot of this color onto my lid, because my eyes are hooded and I’m using a bigger brush the color went onto the lid and I purposefully went heavier on the inner and outer corners of the lid to create a halo effect.

46We’re going to take that same fluffy blending brush, the Elf Fluffy Eye Blender Brush with the shade De Menthe. This is another matte shade and it’s more of a sage tone. We are going to buff that shade into the crease and also on the lid. We want to make sure that there is tonal definition between the crease and the lid which is why we start the pigment on the crease and gently bring it onto the lid with most of that pigment remaining in the crease area, heavier on the outer V.

50Next we are going to move on to a small flat brush such as the Flat Elf Eyeshadow Brush. I did not use this particular brush because I can’t find it but I used a similar flat brush, spritz your brush with Fix Plus or I also like to use Watermelon Glow Ultra Fine Mist to dampen your brush.

This works to “activate” the shimmer on a lot of shimmery shades, and I find that it works really well with almost all ColourPop shimmer shades. So, spritz spritz and then dip it in that gorgeous Seltzer color. Legit obsessed with this shade guys. It reminds me of gorgeous tropical waters and I just want to put it all over my face. But, I won’t.

51Let’s get some of that beautiful Seltzer on our brush and we are going to pack this onto the lid. One mistake I see a lot is when people are putting damp shimmer shades on the lid they brush it on. This can cause an uneven color and can also manipulate the shades that you have underneath the shimmer, which can alter the depth you are creating with your look.

Instead of brushing the color on, pack it on by patting it onto the lid. Another great option for shimmers is to use your finger. The oils from your finger can help to set the color and can add dimension to shimmer shades.

With the same brush, we are going to go in with Freshman on the inner third or the lid and the inner corner to brighten it up.


53The Super Shock shadow Mint 4 U. I almost always apply these with my fingers because once again the oils on your skin work to activate the shimmer and help the colors pop. I absolutely love this shade and the Colourpop formula on these Super Shock’s is so buttery and pigmented and divine.

Smudge the shade onto your finger and then we are going to pack it onto the center of the lid. The shimmer creates such dimension and luxurious green shimmery goodness on the eye.

Last but not least, we are going to take the shade Chill Factor on a small flat brush and we are going to buff that shade into the outer V and also along the inner third of the eye creating something of a halo effect but not a defined halo eye just a hint of halo.

54I’m also going to take this same brush and same shade and buff this shade onto the lower lash line to create a cohesive look.

I used Rimmel Scanaleyes Waterproof Gel Pencil in black to line my top and bottom lash lines. I always think of YouTube beauty guru Samantha Ravandahl when I consider whether I am going to do a winged liner or not and I always crack up because in one of her videos she talked about how he doesn’t do a winged liner anymore because she lives in the ‘burbs.

If you are a winged liner girl, you do you but I live in the ‘burbs and in my life, Top Golf or Suburban sushi does not require a winged eye… we’re already outside the neutral box with our green look folks.

57Side note, if you haven’t checked out Sam’s channel, go ahead on over there because she is hilarious and truly knows her stuff. Great tips, good laughs and soetimes even a winged eyeliner look.

I finished off this look with Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara because it’s my fave and voila!

56I love this look. I can’t wait to try out even more looks with this gorgeous palette. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and I hope you that head over to Colourpop and get yourself this awesome collection and try some looks or this look yourself.

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If you are interested in trying out Colourpop and their amazing palettes, collabs and collections you can this THIS LINK and get 15% off your order! What!

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