Fire Erupts Behind Main Street in Disneyland

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Just after 6:10 p.m. PST a small fire erupted in Disneyland. Several guests captured flames erupting behind the Disneyland Fire Department building on Main Street U.S.A.

According to reports, the fire caused several power outages around the park.

Adventureland was shut down due to the blaze.

A spokeperson from Disneyland confirmed that the fire was in a backstage area and that crews were able to contain it quickly. No one was injured and it appears that the damage was minimal. Disneyland castmembers were calmy and clearly able to direct guests around the issue and contain any panic that might set in.

Source Unknown

Twitter was another story as guests and others took to the outlet to claim things like, “Disneyland is ablaze” and “Disneyland fire is behind the Emporium near fuel tanks and electrical boxes.” and “Raging fire at Disneyland shuts down parts of park.” Let’s be honest, the reality of what was most likely a trash or dumpster fire, isn’t nearly as interesting as our imaginations.

Kudos to Disneyland castmembers as they were able to remain calm and also to crews that were able to quickly get the fire contained and put out to stave off damage to “on stage” areas and that order was kept within the park thanks to quick and calm work by Castmembers dispatched to manage the situation.

Authorities have issued no statements at this time as to the cause of the blaze but confirm that stage structures (guest areas) were affected though Adventureland remained closed. We will update the status of Adventureland and any additional confirmations as they become available.

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