RUMOR! Coco Coming to Epcot, Replacing Gran Fiesta Tour

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65Remember me! There has been a rumor for several years that Disney has a Gran Fiesta Tour refurb in the works and would be expanding on their recent film, Coco by replacing the current attraction in the Mexico pavilion with a Coco inspired ride.


New (potential) concept art has come to the surface in the past week that fuels the rumors that Gran Fiesta Tour’s days may be numbered.


The concept art appears to show a reimagineering of the current attraction to include a flower bridge, a section for City of the Dead, skull fireworks and a performance from Miguel and Hector.

68The overlay for the attraction would appear to use the existing ride track as well as the existing boats which would minimize construction costs.

Other hints from Disney include Coco inspired treasures appearing on the new 3D model showcasing the Epcot overhaul that is now at The Odyssey Center in Epcot. An announcement was expected by fans at D23 2019 but the announcement never came. As rumors continue to float around regarding the future of The Three Caballeros, we await an official announcement from Disney and until then will continue our journey with Donald, Jose and Panchito.

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