Alcohol Added to Magic Kingdom Dessert Parties

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One of the sweetest ways to end a day at Disney World is with a Dessert party. Magic Kingdom has a couple of different options for dessert parties and those can be viewed HERE!

78The Fireworks dessert party will get you prime seating for the Happily Ever After Fireworks Show at Magic Kingdom. Offerings include a number of delectable sweet and savory treats including chocolate covered strawberries, cupcakes, ice cream, brownies, cheese and sometimes even cheeseburger spring rolls! In addition, there is a variety of beverages including sparkling cider, coffee and tea.

79There is now an addition of beer and wine to the dessert party at Magic Kingdom. With this addition, comes an increase in price. As of February 1, the price for the Magic Kingdom dessert paries have increased from $84 for adults to $99 for adults, and from $50 for kids to $59 for kids effective February 1st. This pricing is for the Tomorowland Terrace seating which does not include preferred seating in the Plaza.

There are two options for this dessert party in terms of seating. If you choose seating on Tomorrow Terrace you will remain there for the fireworks show. If you choose seating on Plaza Gardens, you will be escorted to the Plaza Gardens viewing area which flanks Main Street in front of Plaza Ice Cream Parlour. The price for this selection is higher but the view is better.

Fore more information and to book your Magic Kingdom dessert party check out the Disney website HERE!

For a full review of all of the Disney World dessert parties, check out our blog post HERE!

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