BREAKING NEWS! Disney Has Launched Website For New Private Island, Lighthouse Point

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Disney has officially launched an informational website for their second private island, Lighthouse Point.

At D23 in Anahaim several months back, Disney Cruise Line announced that guests can look forward to a second signature island experience in The Bahamas and a new Disney port of call, on the breathtaking island of Eleuthera at a place called Lighthouse Point. Disney legendary Imagineer, Joe Rhode will lead the design team to create an amazing experience that pays homage to Bahamian culture, lifestyle and tradition to Disney Cruise Line guests.

On January 29, 2020, Disney Cruise Line registered and launched the website complete with detailed renderings and plans for the project.


As part of Disney’s commitment to The Bahamas, they agreed to hire Bahamians for their second private cruise destination. This new website was designed by Felicia Woodside of Felicia Creative, a local company.

The Lighthouse Point Bahamas website includes great information progress, environment, culture, community and more.


The Opportunity section includes information from an Oxford Economic study that shows that over a 25-year period, Disney’s project is expected to provide a more than $800 million increase in Bahamian GDP and a more than $355 million increase in Bahamian government revenues. This section goes on to talk about opportunities that will be available for local Bahamaians.


The Environment section includes great information on Disney’s conservation plans and plans to develop the island with conservation in mind. Since the announcement of the project, Disney has said and according to the website still stands by that they “will only move forward with a project at Lighthouse Point if able to do so in an environmentally responsible manner. Along with its own Animals, Science and Environment team, Disney assembled a team of highly qualified and experienced scientists and other professionals who worked on a comprehensive Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for two years.”


The Culture section highlights Joe Rohde’s plans and vision for the island that will encompass Bahamian culture with a Disney flair. Check out the section for a video with Rohde regarding the island HERE!


The Community section has information on scholarship opportunities and community work from The Walt Disney Company postively affecting Bahamaians for over 20 years.


The project section includes plans for the island including a solar farm, the marina and ship slip to be built in the salt ponds just off the shore, spa, cabanas, several family beaches and a beach called North beach that could be the adults only section and so much more.


These plans and the information provided by Disney has us brimming with excitement at the possibility of this incredible new project for Disney Cruise Line.

Head on over and check out the site for yourself HERE!

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