Disney+ Update and Challenges

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Disney+ launched in November 2019 and Disney has confirmed more than with 10 million sign-ups since launch.

SensorTower reported that in the first month, Disney+ had  about 28 million downloads. Since that first data was reported, SensorTower says smartphone users have downloaded the Disney+ app 41 million times.

The Verge

Obvious success for Disney+ has resulted from the instant hit The Mandalorian, which has already completed its first season and will not return with new episodes until Fall 2020. Can Disney maintain positive momentum in the interim with additional original content debuting including Marvel themed shows and additional Star Wars content coming online as well.

For a full list of all the content that debuted on Disney+ day 1, click HERE!

Business Insider

Despite claims to the contrary, Disney+ is a success to date. To compare, Disney+’s revenue to date is four times as much as HBO Now’s in its first two months. Now charges a subscription price twice as much as Disney+.

One large reason for the decline in in-app revenue with Disney+ is the discounted annual subscription that was offered for Disney+. Many original subscribers were interested in original content such as classic films while later subscribers were more likely to be interested in the original series such as The Imagineering Story and The Mandalorian.


Investors won’t know for certain what’s affecting the numbers most as Disney has not disclosed metrics for Disney+ but the stock continues to rise moderately.

With its most anticipated show already finished with its first season, the challenge the streaming service now faces is retaining subscribers through the Spring and Summer. There are other shows coming as we mentioned above, including additional exclusive Star Wars shows and Marvel series but none have garnered the attention that The Mandalorian has.


Other streaming services face the same challenge. For example, with the Game of Thrones series ending HBO has been searching for ways to retain subscribers.

Disney’s biggest challenge will be to retain month to month subscribers as yearly subscribers will likely re-up for the first Marvel series and the second season of The Mandalorian Fall 2020.

58According to Investors Business Daily, a study was conducted at the end of 2019; 76% gave Disney+ a score of 4-5 on overall satisfaction with 5 being highest, while 74% did the same for Netflix, 66% for Amazon, 64% for Hulu and 48% for Apple TV+.

Disney+ streaming service is set to expand into more international markets in 2020. The Walt Disney Company says that it’s targeting 60 million to 90 million global subscribers by 2024.

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