Disney is Hunting Down Outside Baby Yoda Merchandise

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52Small shops beware, Disney is on the hunt for and sending take down notices for merchandise that is not licensed by Disney for merchandise featuring The Child, the breakout star of the exclusive Disney+ series, The Mandalorian.


25Disney did not capitalize on the popularity of Baby Yoda, prior to the release of the show for good reason. Marketing for “The Child” or more commonly known as Baby Yoda was delayed at the request of Jon Favreau so as not to spoil the plot of the show but the secret is out now and as we wait months and months for season 2 of The Mandalorian, we have a plethora of merchandise to keep us company.

The Mandalorian
Chapter 4
CR: LucasfilmBut, Disney is working hard to make sure that that merchandise is officially licensed by Disney. Baby Yoda is property of Disney and they have the right to shut down shops marketing their Intellectual Property which comes at the expense of small shop owners, many of whom sell on the platform Etsy.

Sellers on the popular platform are seeing their listings disappear as Etsy is being sent orders from Disney to remove certain listings using their IP, specifically that of Baby Yoda.

2Disney typically looks the other way when it comes to small shops using their images and characters but it looks like The Mandalorian could change that.

In 2019, Disney began releasing ears, buttons and more that some shop owners claimed looked eerily familiar to their own designs. While that may be, those images are, after all, property of Disney and subject to copyright when used without proper licensing. It looked as though Disney was not going to force shops to take down their products but instead would create their own but Baby Yoda appears to be a different situation.

1Could this be a one time issue or is Disney doubling down on copyright claims?

According to Statista, in “2018 Disney’s revenue from consumer products was about $3.06 billion U.S. dollars in licensing and publishing, and approximately $1.59 billion U.S. dollars in retail and other segments.”

Disney is not losing money from Etsy sales. We purchase a number of things from Etsy… Okay, we purchase a lot of things from Etsy but we give Disney plenty of money as well. It’s fun to get a more unique piece as opposed to the mass produced Disney merch but Disney can’t offer limited edition pieces like Etsy and they know that.

50While Disney is sending a message to Etsy sellers, they also know the importance to marketing and while Etsy sellers are using their IP, they are also active on Instagram and social media platforms increasing Disney’s visibility and driving marketing towards larger sale items like park tickets and resort stays.

Disney isn’t likely to go after each and every shop using their copyrighted words and intellectual property, it is more probable that they are looking to send a message to sellers that they could. Disney is doing pretty well in the revenue department and they know it and are pretty lax in their enforcement of copyright rules.

We are hoping to continue to give both Etsy and Disney our money but we got our Baby Yoda merch from Etsy this weekend… ya know, just in case.

Check out Disney’s full line of The Mandalorian (Baby Yoda) merchandise on their website HERE! Also, check out Rakuten to earn cash back on your purchases at stores you shop at anyway, inculding Shop Disney.

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