Blast Off to Space 2020 Restaurant Coming to Epcot


The restaurant is still scheduled to open “Winter 2020” and exciting new details regarding how to get to your space themed dining experience have been released.
In order to get to the restaurant, guests must board an elevator that is located near the Mission: Space attraction and the elevator will simulate guests being shot into orbit. Guests will “travel” 220 miles above Eath and will dock at the Centauri Space Station.
83According to a Disney press release, guests will walk by “a spinning wall of produce that mimic’s earth’s gravity and represents some of the fresh ingredients being used by the culinary team.”
The dining experience itself will immerse guests in space, simulating views of the stars with satellites passing in front of the windows and maybe even a floating astronaut or two.
While the menu has yet to be released, it is said to feature international cuisine and one unique note is that the wine menu is extensive, showcasing more than 1,000 bottles of the world’s finest wines and a wide selection of craft beers from around the world.

81Disney Parks Blog has stated that, “No dining experience on Earth can match what’s in store, because this new restaurant will take you into outer space for incredible dining experiences that are ‘out of this world”.

For more information on Space 2020 Restaurant, click HERE!

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(Source: Disney)

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