Opinion: Disney is Not Getting Rid of Bus Transportation Despite Claims

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85As we reported previously, Disney is decreasing bus service at one value resort, Pop Century, and encouraging guests to instead utilize the Disney Skyliner. Is Disney using Pop Century as a test that could spread to more resorts? Could Disney be in the early stages of eliminating complimentary bus transportation around Walt Disney World Property? Let’s discuss.

86Walt Disney World has a fleet over over 350 busses that transport guests free of charge around Disney property. Guests don’t have to be staying at a Disney resort to utilize the bus system. There are several other modes of transportation that Disney provides guests at some resorts including the Monorail, Friendship Boats and the new Disney Skyliner.

44In 2019, we saw Disney bring new busses into their fleet that included upgrades such as new interiors, USB charging stations and more. In addition, many of the busses are now being wrapped with colorful characters and scenes from Disney classics.

We do not think that Disney will cease bus transportation anytime in the near future despite several folks making claims to the contrary. For one thing, many resorts rely on bus transportation and are not located on the Monorail or the Disney Skyliner.

4As the Disney Skyliner is new, and quite the expensive addition to Disney’s transportation lineup, it only makes sense that as we head into more manageable crowd levels around property, that Disney would encourage guests to use the new system.

We believe that offering busses only every hour to Hollywood Studios and Epcot from Pop Century, or The Riviera or Caribbean Beach, which are the three resorts on the Disney Skyliner, is a bit of a dramatic change but Disney could very well be testing this to see the response and as we mentioned, to encourage guests to try it out.

53We have seen a number or guests and other outlets reporting that this is a crazy change, that Disney is going to do away with busses altogether and more radical claims. There is no feasible way, with the transportation options that are currently available, that Disney could or would do away with bus transportation as a whole.

We firmly believe that Disney is utilizing this as a test to encourage more guests to use the new system and steer away from bus transportation to those particular parks. At any time, Disney can, and we believe will, add busses back into the rotation to Epcot and Hollywood Studios. Perhaps every 30 to 40 minutes instead of the standard 20 minutes.

55Pop Century is still running busses to Disney Springs and Magic Kingdom every 20 minutes which is standard. It is possibly and probable that they will decrease the amount of busses at the other Skyliner stops to Epcot and Hollywood Studios but unlikely and impossible for all bus transportation to cease anytime in the near future.

We happen to love the Skyliner. It is one of our favorite ways to travel around property, even though boat still holds number one in my heart. Disney is all about options and convenience and we believe that will not change as Disney’s transportation options evolve.

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