Resolutions You Can Stick With For 2020

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80Let’s be real with each other for a minute. It’s all well and good to make lofty goals and want to change the world and yourself in the new year but what are the realistic chances that you stick with these lofty goals for more than a few weeks or if you’re lucky, a few months?

We have gathered some small changes that you can make in the new year that will help you on your journey to betterment and keep you feeling good because these are small steps you can take now and stick with for 2020 and beyond.

Let’s get started.

Instead of cutting out shopping, earn money while you shop.

50Instead of cutting out all fun purchases in the new year, try cutting back on them and then earn money on the purchases that you do make!

Rakuten (formerly Ebates) sounds too good to be true. I was skeptical to try it and didn’t believe that I could truly earn cash back from thousands of stores on stuff I was buying anyway but low and behold, this site is legit and I can’t sign its praises loud enough.

51.pngRakuten allows customers to shop at thousands, literally thousands of stores online and even some in store, and earn a percentage of their purchase back. While earning 1% or 4% cash back might not seem like a lot, think of how that could add up after six months or a year.

52Toms, Sephora, Bath and Body Works,, Amazon, Warby Parker, Nike, Macy’s and thousands more offer you cash back for purchases and each quarter you get a check! It’s seriously that simple. There are no hidden gimmicks, you shop, you earn money and you shop more. Check out their site to learn more and sign up today.

Talk about simple. How’s that for a resolution. You still get to purchase fun stuff and you earn money back by doing it.

Get Your Feet Moving And Give Back at The Same Time! 

53Getting healthier, getting fit, getting off the couch and being active. Probably three quarters of all New Year’s resolutions involve this concept. Instead of signing up for a gym membership, or even in addition to signing up for a gym membership, what about downloading a free app on your phone, tracking your running or walking miles and giving a quarter for every mile you go to a charity of your choice.

54Charity Miles is a free app for IPhone and Samsung phones that tracks the steps you take whether walking or running and for every mile tracked on your trek you earn $.25 for the charity of your choice.

Take your resolution a step farther and make a goal. The app allows you to track your progress through total miles gone and total sessions completed. Set a mile goal for the year that helps you be active and headed towards a healthier, more active lifestyle and give back at the same time. Good for you and good for the organization of your choice. That’s like two resolutions in one! Download the Charity Miles app today and get started toward a healthier you and a more philanthropic you as well.

Build Your Own Coffee Bar!

55According to, the average American between the ages of 18 and 34, spends over $2,000 a year on coffee shop coffees. And that’s the average meaning that half of us are spending much more than that. What if you brought the coffee house to your house? Think of how much fun you could have and how much money you could save.

You can find everything you need over on to build your own coffee bar at home and even get those fun syrups to create flavorful lattes for every season. Check it out!

If espresso is your thing, snag this Nespresso Mini for under $150. For a more traditional coffee experience, you can pick up a Keurig to get your morning started off right. For all your cold brew needs, this cold brew maker is perfect for those stronger brews. 56

Now, for the extras.

You can find all kinds of fun syrups for your coffee beverage on Amazon. From fall flavors, to tropical coconut for a fun coconut mocha, to rich sauces perfect for white mochas, caramel or mocha drinks. Get creative!

The accessories.

60For the perfect mocha or latte of any kind, you need a pitcher and a frother. These are the ones we use in our own home and they are simple and awesome. Anyone can be a barista with these coffee accessories. For a small upfront cost, you can be on your way to amazing coffee adventures at home with your very own coffee bar. Take those dollars saved and put it away for a double dip resolution.

Those are a few of our ideas on how you can make small changes and make a resolution for the new year that you can stick with. We hope that these help you with your goals for 2020.

Thank you for stopping by and for the love of the mouse, never forget, that it all started with a mouse.



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