Holiday Gift Guide: Lovely Last Minute Gift Baskets

Tis the season to give! I love giving gifts. Picking out a great gift for people and finding something unique. I despise giving gift cards; they are so impersonal. There are so many great gift ideas out there that are thoughtful and there truly is something for everyone. I have put together a few gift guides to help bring out the gift giver in us all.

53We’re getting down to the wire so we have put together a guide for last minute gift baskets. These baskets can be customized to fit your list and are personal and heartwarming. You are sure to be popular with these baskets. Take them as they are or customize them with other options that might better fit for you.

All of these items can be found on Amazon Prime or are easily accessible at your local store to put together these last minute fabulous gifts!


Let’s get started.

For the coffee lover: 

This can be customized for hot cocoa people or tea people as well. We found several fun coffee mugs that might be perfect for your gift!

Unicorn mug 28

Marbled Mug

Bamboo Mug

Stainless Steel Tumbler

Yeti Tumbler

Next, pick out a couple of coffee syrup flavors:

Vanilla 29


English Toffee

Winter Three Pack

Now, for a few extra touches:

Milk Frothing Pitcher

Milk Frother

35For a tea lover, we found this incredible Teabloom Rose Teapot that is absolutely stunning!

Voila! Pick up a small basket or container and some tissue paper and you have the perfect gift for the coffee lover in your life. You can customize this basket to be bigger or smaller but this is sure to please.




For the Movie Lover: 

31Here’s an easy one! This kit we found on Amazon could be your entire gift! Arrange it in a basket or a container, maybe even this popcorn bucket. You can add some other great options to this basket to jazz it up even more depending on your budget and preferences.


Whirley-Pop Gift Set

32Head over to your local store and pick up a movie gift card or a few DVD’s based on the receiver’s preferences. Maybe even pick up a gift card for a local pizza place as well. Want to go even further? Check out these awesome movie inspired pillows and maybe even a comfy, cozy throw.



For Ultimate Relaxation: 

33This is perfect for anyone. A homebody, someone who just needs some relaxation, some “me time”, or just someone you think need a little pampering. There are so many ideas of what could go into this basket, here are just a few of them for you to consider.

Natural Glow White Salt Lamp

Chesapeake Bay Scented Candle

You could also head over to Bath and Body Works and pick up my favorite candle of all time, the three-wick candle. They are the best.

36.jpgA nice bath bomb would be perfect in this basket as well. I would recommend taking a look at Target or a specialty shop for these, I couldn’t find any singular options that looked amazing on Amazon but these can be found most everywhere including many grocery stores. If you are looking for multiple, these look fantastic if you are putting together multiple baskets.

A tree tree oil scrub is a luxurious optional addition.

34Add in a nice bottle of wine and a nice wine tumbler (perfect for the bath tub) for the ultimate relaxation gift basket.

Other great ideas would be to head over to TJ Maxx or Marshalls, they often have amazing homey gift ideas including slippers, cozy socks, decor ideas and more.

Those are three fun gift ideas for the last minute gift giver when you really want to make a statement and give a thoughtful, heartfelt gift. Fun baskets can be put together for a variety of tastes and budgets and are so much more personalized and warmer than a gift card.

Thank you for stopping by and for the love of the mouse, never forget, that it all started with a mouse.

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