Frozen 2 Surpasses Major Milestone For Disney at The Box Office

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This past Saturday, Frozen 2 became the sixth 2019 film for The Walt Disney Company to surpass the one billion dollar mark at the box office. Disney fully expects the final installment of The Star Wars Skywalker Saga to join this list and that film hits the theaters this upcoming weekend.

Frozen 2 was highly anticipated and came with much fanfare as the original Frozen film is firmly cemented as one of the highest grossing films of all time for The Walt Disney Company. The sequel, according to Disney has already become the seventh biggest animated feature of all time.


Let’s break Frozen 2 down by some box office numbers. The film has grossed $19.2 million domestic and $55.7 million overseas in the last weekend alone. weekend, for a global $74.9 million gross in the most recent weekend. The total numbers as of Monday for the film are $1.032.5 billion globally. The film is estimated to bring in a couple more hundred million dollars by the time it leaves theaters surpassing Minion’s to become the highest grossing animated sequel in box office history.


The film is expected to be eclipsed by Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker beginning this weekend so this was the last big weekend push for the film.

In addition to box office numbers, the film has brought in a massive amount of merchandise profits for The Walt Disney Company to this point and that is expected to continue far past the film being in theaters.

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