Breaking Disney News! Star Wars: Galactic Star Cruiser Set to Open in 2021

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7We received a great many details regarding the Star Wars hotel coming to Walt Disney World back in August at D23. We learned that the name of the hotel would be Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser.

We also learned that, as expected, this will be a limited vacation experience as guests will check in for a two-night adventure aboard this immersive out of this galaxy ship.

full circle mediaSimilar to a cruise experience, Bob Chapek, announced not only the name of the resort but that this incredible immersive adventure will include a port day at Batuu where guests will travel to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. We recently posted details regarding the transport vehicle and you can read all about that unique travel vehicle that keeps guests immersed in their galaxy HERE!

Photo by Disney

While the name of the resort experience is: Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser. The hotel itself is a ship that is called the Halcyon and is owned by Chandrila Star Line which gives a whole new unheard of until now level of immersiveness to this unbelievable experience. 

Well, we now know that this unique experience has an opening timeframe. Just announced on Tuesday, December 3 by Disney, the immersive experience hotel will open in 2021. There are no details as yet as to when the hotel will begin accepting reservations but we expect this experience to be incredibly popular as Disney has touted that there is nothing like this in the world.


The hotel will include a number of activities and experiences including a fun and interactive dining experience. The name of the lounge will be The Silver C Lounge. Read more about it HERE!

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(Source: Disney Parks Blog)

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