Baby Yoda Merch Coming to Disney and Star Wars Fans

Open your wallet you must. Spend your money you will.


If you have Disney+ and you have yet to experience The Mandalorian, what in blazes are you waiting for? The whole show is worth it for Baby Yoda alone!

Baby Yoda has taken the Disney and Star Wars community by storm. We are only two episodes into The Mandalorian but already, Baby Yoda has stolen the show. We say Baby Yoda, but as was mentioned in the initial episode of the show, he is indeed 50 years old.

It looks as though Disney is all set to capitalize on their newest star. According to CNBC, new Baby Yoda merchandise will arrive at Disney Parks and most likely Shop Disney just in time for the holidays. Ironically, Baby Yoda, to this point, doesn’t have an official name but it does appear he will be around for a while, especially due to his instant popularity.


CNBC reported that initial merchandise didn’t feature Baby Yoda because Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni wanted to avoid any spoilers prior to the launch of the show.

Besides merchandise being available on Disney platforms, it appears that other companies will carry merchandise for the show and this new character as well. Amazon, Zazzle, Target, Kohl’s, Macy’s, Hot Topic, and Box Lunch will all reportedly be carrying Baby Yoda merchandise.

80CNBC also reports that within the next couple of weeks, Disney will be offering presales for Baby Yoda toys and plush, although at the time of their report it was unclear when that presold merchandise would be shipped to customers.

If you haven’t caught up on The Mandalorian yet, unwind with some Disney+ this weekend and get on board with the Baby Yoda craze.

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(Source: CNBC)

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