Disney Cruise Line App Gets Update For Placeholders

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66One of the most convenient things about a Disney Cruise is the Disney Cruise Line Navigator App. This app allows guests to check out they plans, any meals that are scheduled, view menus for the various restaurants on the ship, and the best part, find out where and when events are throughout the ship including events for kids, families, adults and all of the onboard entertainment and information to go along with it.

67Now, the app is getting another perk. Guests can now book a placeholder on the app instead of going to the Disney Cruise Line booking desk and filling out a physical card or speaking to a castmember.

Placeholders must be booked during your cruise and cannot be booked before or after the sailing.

65What is a placeholder?

Guests can select a future sailing and put a placeholder down on that cruise. With a placeholder, guests will only pay a 10% deposit on 7+ night cruises. Only one placeholder can be booked per household, per sailing.

64A placeholder is a deposit that holds the special perks of booking a future cruise without making you pick a set date at the time of booking. After you secure your placeholder reservation, you have 24 months from the date the reservation is booked to complete the cruise you select. You can use the placeholder past the 24-month time frame, but you no longer receive the discounted deposit option.

Earlier this year, Disney did away with the best perk of a placeholder which is a $100 onboard credit for sailing of 6 nights or less and a $200 onboard credit for sailing of 7 nights or more. These credits would be applied to your account for the cruise you booked using your placeholder.

68This new feature on the app will allow guests to skip the line onboard and book a placeholder through the app. Details on the actual process of booking a placeholder through the app are not clear in the notes released for the update. Placeholders must still be booked during the sailing but it is not clear if the placeholder simply goes onto your onboard account though we assume that is the case or if guests can choose a different method of payment.

Learn more about the Disney Cruise Naivigator app HERE!

The updated Disney Cruise Navigator app version 3.3.0 is available from the Apple’s App Store and Google Play store.

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