Versatile Affordable Eye Look: ColourPop Here Comes The Sun Palette

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23Hey friends! If you are new around here, welcome! If not, welcome back! Today, we are going to do a look that can go from day to night, spring, summer, fall; this look is so versatile.

We are going to use the ColourPop (love ColourPop) eyeshadow palette called Here Comes the Sun. This is one of their larger palettes. It’s a 24 shadow palette that retails for $40 on and I just love it. It is perfect for everyday. There are a lot of shades that go with a variety of looks, it is inexpensive and ColourPop really brings it with in the quality department.

The palette comes with a variety of shadows, from pressed powder shadows and new pressed glitters, there are mattes, shimmers and the glitters, which are a thick glitter best applied either wet or dry with a finger not a brush.

36-1.jpgSome ColourPop palettes are a bit different from many mainstream palettes, the shades come individually, with an empty magnetic palette which allows customers to put them into the palette in the order that they prefer. I love that. I spend a lot of time each time I get a palette like this, putting them just so; those kinds of things make my heart happy. I’m a weirdo.

So! Be sure to check out my blog post highlighting my current full face faves! You can read all about that HERE and I will also link it at the end of this post. There are a lot of things I am loving right now for my everyday look and this covers a lot of them.

22But, today is all about the eyes and this amazing everyday to special occasion look that is perfect for fall, spring and basically whenever! Let’s get started.

In addition to the ColourPop Here Comes The Sun palette, I used L’Oreal Flash Cat Eye eyeliner in Black and Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara which is right there on top of my fave mascara products. I also used NYX Powder Puff in Best Buds.

Important to remember throughout this post, I placed these shadows in an order that I liked so your palette will likely look completely different from mine and the shadows will be in different places.

26Here is a list, straight from ColourPop’s website of each shadow in this gorgeous palette. In addition, as we work through this look, I have checked each shade used in this look in the Build Your Own Palette section of the site so that if you prefer, you can add those to a Build Your Own palette on the ColourPop site which is so fun and a great way to mix and match shades to create your favorite palette.

In fact, you can add the majority of the shades from this palette to a Build Your Own Palette so that you could customize the shades you aren’t so inclined to and instead add ones you would prefer.

paradiso: metallic violet
wait for it: matte hot peach
misty: metallic pinky rose gold with baby blue glitter
stay golden: matte raspberry
20 something: metallic peachy gold
milli: metallic intense penny copper
running late: matte creamy orange
24come and get it: duochrome rose with a gold flip
best coast scenario: matte bright tangerine
renegade: soft rose gold with a copper sheen
take flight: bright canary yellow
criss cross: matte brick orange
chauffeur: metallic duochrome orange and gold
indio: soft pink with holographic glitter
earthshine: metallic pinky lavender with a blue duochrome flip
bratty: matte vivid orange
meteorite: matte orange red
thank u, next: metallic rosy bronze with a copper duochrome flip
pinky promise: metallic wine
ooo: matte hot red orange
seas the day: matte bright fuchsia
143: matte deep lilac
mr. sandman: icy rose with a silver sheen
feathered: matte rich chocolate brown

30For our first shade, our transition shade, we are going to go in with a medium fluffy brush with the shade Wait For It. This is a wonderful nude, peachy shade with a bit of a bite to it so it’s more than your typical muted peach shadow color.

40ColourPop shades are so pigmented that a little dab will typically do the trick so there is no need to dig your brush into this shade to get maximum color effects. The richness of their formula is much higher quality than the price of their products reflects.

Work Wait For It into your crease creating a nice differential between your lid and your brow bone. I worked it into the entire crease going a tad lighter on the inside corner and darker on the outer edges.

35Our second shade for this look will be Stay Golden. Another matte shade. This particular color, at the time of publication is currently not available on Build Your Own Palette but you could use the shade Charge It for a similar look. Stay Golden is a matte raspberry shade. A deep and bold rich pinky clay shade.

41Using the same brush or a similar brush, buff this shade over Wait For It and work it down a little bit further onto the lid to start to develop a rich base to the lid while blending it into the crease and deepening the richness in that area.


34Our third shade for this look is Paradiso. This is a brilliant, vibrant shimmery violet shade with blue undertones and a hint of gold. This shade is truly unique. I absolutely love it. It has a rich and romantic feel with a depth of color that is unusual and striking.

We’re going to go in with a thinner brush to ensure a more precise application. This shade can be used dry or for a more striking appearance spritz your brush first with water or setting spray. I love the Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Ultra-Fine Mist for this.

25We are going to work this shade into the outer crease and drag it along the top, outer lash line creating a > along the outer crease of the eye. with less pigment, we want to lightly brush this shade onto the lid to deepen the color on the lid area. Be sure to buff this really well into the lid area to create a smooth color transition.

17Take the smudge brush that you would use to buff shadow onto your lower lash lines and take a bit of this same shade, Paradiso and lightly buff it onto your lower lash line.

We are going to take the same brush we used originally for Paradiso and dip it back into Stay Golden. Lightly buff this shade onto the lid up to the crease area to further deepen the lid color.

Take your smudge brush and smudge Stay Golden on top of Paradiso along the lower lash line. Be sure to connect the lower lash line to the lid to provide a continuous buffed line of color from the lower lash line to the lid and crease.

Our final step for this look would be to take it more to a night than a day but if you love glitter for your day look, you do you and go for it!

18Indio is the shade and it is a large glitter holographic glitter shade. These shades work best with a finger instead of brush. Take your finger, I prefer my ring fingers, and dip it into the shade.

Instead of brushing the finger over your lid, pat the glitter onto the lid to ensure that it goes on more evenly and sticks better to the lid providing a cleaner finished look.

27Using a Q tip or tissue, blot off the glitter that drops onto the cheeks and undereye area following application.

Next, grab your eyeliner and drag the liner across the top lash line as well as the bottom outer half of the bottom lash line. Finish with mascara and voila, our completed look.

19Last but certainly not least, NYX Powder Puff is one of my favorite lip products right now. Several of the these shades are perfect for fall and winter and it goes on smooth, doesn’t cake and feels great on the lip.

20Don’t forget to head over to ColourPop and build your own palette using these shades to recreate this look or snag other shades from this palette to create your own. Also check out my Full Face Faves post HERE!

Thank you for stopping by and for the love of the mouse, never forget, that it all started with a mouse.




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