Disney + Launch Day. The Good and The Glitches

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The day has finally arrived! Disney + launched on November 12. The scheduled time for Disney+ launch was 3 a.m. EST however, many, including ourselves, noticed that as of 12 a.m. EST, the site was up and running.

This highly anticipated streaming service will bring back Disney shows and movies of old and also some new, exciting and exclusive series such as Mandalorian, Noelle, live action Lady and the Tramp and so much more.

Launch day has not been without glitches. So many fans clamored to get in on the Disney+ action on opening day that the service has experienced a number of technical difficulties. According to Chicago SunTimes, before 7 a.m., reports had surfaced of more than 8,000 difficulties accessing the service.


Many users were greeted with an error message stating that the system was “unable to connect.” Disney+ has assured customers that they are “working quickly to resolve the issues.”


According to CNBC, issues weren’t limited to technical difficulties. ‘Some users in Puerto Rico, Canada and other areas received messages stating that, “Disney+ is only available in certain regions. Depending on where you are located, you may not be able to access Disney+.'”

Following reports of these problems, Disney has said that they have delayed the start of Disney+ in Puerto Rico to November 19.

Disney+ will cost subscribers $7 a month or $69 when paid yearly. It expects subscribers to total 60 million to 90 million by 2024.

Disney+ will allow downloading, so all content from the service can be accessed offline! This is not the only streaming service to offer such a service but other services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and YouTube Red only offer downloading on some content. Hulu, however, has announced that soon they will make all of their content downloadable.

Although Disney would have, of course, preferred a smooth launch with no glitches. The popularity of the service made the probability of issues, especially on opening day high. We’re certain Disney will get this sorted out quickly and we can all get to binging our favorite shows new and old over on Disney+.

For a full list of every single show available on Disney+ starting on launch day, click HERE!

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