Star Traders Merchandise Location Gets New Look at Magic Kingdom

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Magic Kingdom’s Tomorrowland has been getting a slow and in our opinion, much needed facelift. From the fun color accents being added to the walls around the land to the new, cleaner sign at the entrance from the hub and now Star Traders, the merchandise location across from Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin has received a new sleeker look, taking it from its cluttered steam punk past to the future.

A variety of Disney shirts are now displayed on the walls in hexgonal flat displays with the merchandise folded neatly below.

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Subtle futuristic artwork displays don the walls above corresponding merchandise such as Briar Rose Gold, Rainbow Pride and Holiday items.

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The new colorful light fixtures bring the new accent wall colors from outside in Tomorrowland inside Star Traders, creating a cohesive flow to the land.

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Even outside, the new Star Traders sign highlight the accent wall colors. These colors are yellow, aqua and coral with the new signs being coral on the aqua wall and aqua on the coral wall.

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We are loving this sleeker new look coming to Tomorrowland and are excited for what the future holds! The clutter of the steampunk was outdated and certainly not furturistic; this new modern take on the land with clean lines, stark colors with accents of bright, vibrant hues is a theme we can get behind.

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