Gotta Have It! Disneyland & Disney Cruise Pre-Trip Haul

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45We’re going to Disneyland… and on a Disney Cruise! Check out these awesome items I picked up to make our trip even more special!

That’s right, we are headed to Disneyland, our first time together and we are also going to embark on The Disney Wonder for a five-night four-day cruise out of San Diego. We are so excited for this adventure and y’all know that I can’t go on a trip without getting a few goodies ahead of time to make the trip that much more special.

Let’s jump into some of the awesome items I picked up in anticipation of this epic adventure.

Halloween Outfit

43I actually picked up this Mickey Pumpkin shirt  ahead of our most recent trip to Walt Disney World but didn’t get the chance to wear it. It wasn’t until after that trip was over that I realized that were actually going to be in Disneyland for Halloween. We are not going to go to the Oogey Boogey Bash at Disney California Adventure but we will be in Disneyland so I think it’s perfect that I will be able to wear this outfit.

I recently picked up this Black velvet skirt  off of Amazon and it was an amazing find. I picked it up to wear with one of my Christmas outfits for our Holiday trip to Disney World in December but it will also work perfectly to wear on Halloween with my black glitter athletics from Bibbidi Bobbidi Bling and my Mickey pumpkin shirt.

Cruise outfit

40I have a number of things that I have picked up in the last eight or so months in preparation for our cruise. I plan on wearing this particular outfit on embarkation day but that could change depending on my mood because I want to make sure I get ample photos in this outfit so it could get moved to an at sea day. I have two pairs of cruise ears that I think will be perfect with this outfit but one of my favorite ear makers and my go-to for customizations for a pair with a big bow is Elyssas’s Ears and I sent her an idea for a pair of cruise ears and she got them completed and sent out to me in record time so that I could have them for our cruise.

My vision was to incorporate the Disney Cruise Line logo and to have a side bow. These are perfect and I am so excited. This skirt was a Poshmark purchase and it is just a simple white paper bag skirt. I love this skirt, it is so comfortable and I wore this for my Donald Duck Halloween costume and am excited to re-purpose this for this cruise outfit and for many outfits to come.

I had hoped to wear red glitter athletics with this outfit but Bibbidi Bobbidi Bling was unable to get them from her distributor in time. No worries though because she was so communicative with me about it and that is an issue out of her control. I will have those shoes to wear for another trip so I will probably just pair this outfit either with my white glitter athletics or some Sanuk Yoga Mat flip flops.

The whole outfit comes together with this awesome Disney Cruise Line shirt. The shirt was actually for kids but I loved it and had to have it so I messaged the Etsy seller and asked if she could do an adult tank top and she was able to!

Steamboat Willie Outfit

44I have been wanting to put a Steamboat Willie inspired outfit together for a long time and I finally decided to do it for our Disneyland trip. I am so excited for this outfit and to be able to wear it in Disneyland; where Walt walked! The outfit starts out with this Black Steamboat Willie shirt that I purchased on Etsy. It’s sparkly. So basically, it’s perfect. I will be wearing this with either a black skort and black leggings, white glitter athletics or black sandals.

I looked all over Etsy for a Steamboat Willie inspired shirt and this one is the one that really spoke to me. In addition, I have these awesome Steamboat Willie ears from Poupee Stitch. I have gone back and forth about which ears I wanted to get for probably about two years and I love these. I think these are perfect and I cannot wait to wear this outfit on our trip.

Pixar Ball Outfit

This. This outfit is one of the things I am most excited about for our entire trip. I know that sounds ridiculous and I’m okay with that. Planning outfits is one of my favorite things to do for a trip and I have been wanting to do this outfit since well before we planned our trip to Disneyland. Ever since I first saw the Pixar Ball wall in Lamplight Lounge, I knew this outfit had to happen.

42I found this Pixar Pier shirt on Etsy and just absolutely love it. The shirt is black but also comes in a white option and can be a v-neck, a t-shirt or a racerback tank top. I almost always go for a tank top but switched it up here and went for the v-neck t shirt and I love it. I plan on wearing this with either jean shorts or leggings and my awesome new neon yellow glitter athletics! I know, I have an obsession with these shoes but they are great and perfect for the parks. I have talked about them ad nauseam on the vlog and various blog posts but they are the best. There is nothing like a fun glitter shoe for Disney or anywhere really!

Of course I had to get Pixar Ball ears. I had actually ordered ears from another ear maker and I never received any communication from that ear maker and they didn’t ship when they were supposed to, actually they never shipped at all and here we were, less than two weeks out from our trip and I had no idea where my ears were, if they were coming, nothing, crickets. So, I found another pair of ears from another ear maker on Etsy and she was amazing. I told her an abbreviated version of the story and she was able to rush them to me and I got them in time.

I just love that. I feel like I have had such amazing customer service from so many amazing shops and it makes me love our Disney community that much more.



I picked up a few other items ahead of this trip that I am excited to share with you. I have been wanting to get a smaller backpack to have when we go to dinners or nights in the parks when I might not need to carry around my huge park bag and could get away with something smaller. I love Dumbo so much and I just adore this Dumbo Loungefly mini backpack. I have not used it yet but anticipate using it for evenings and lighter days in the parks and other events around Disney where I don’t want to or need my big backpack. I purchased this on Box Lunch’s website and they have a huge selection of Disney inspired backpacks and things.


Last but not least for this post, I purchased a couple fun items back in the summer months from an amazing online boutique called Red Dress Boutique. Our cruise is a five-night cruise out of San Diego to Mexico. We have two at sea days and a stop at Ensenada and a stop at Cabo.

We are doing an adults only wine excursion on our port day at Ensenada; shout out to some of our favorite YouTuber’s LeggLife because they did this excursion on their cruise and recommended it so highly we thought it would be perfect for us as well. I thought that this fun and vibrant striped dress would be perfect for our cruise and I think it will be on point for that wine excursion!


I also picked up these fun and comfy striped pants earlier this summer as well. They have a number of different color palettes and designs to choose from and they look perfect for a cruise.

Those are most of my purchases ahead of this incredibly fun adventure that we about to embark on. We hope that you will follow along on our YouTube channel because we will be vlogging this entire trip and also be sure to follow us on Instagram so that you can follow along with our adventures there!


Thank you for stopping by and for the love of the mouse, never forget, that it all started with a mouse.



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